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  • Maserati GranTurismo 4.2 EUR 59,950JPY 8,129,220BGN 117,250CZK 1,515,056DKK 446,142GBP 52,702HUF 18,623,468PLN 248,810RON 279,037SEK 585,382CHF 69,728NOK 573,242HRK 445,578RUB 4,200,834TRY 280,158AUD 92,065BRL 236,011CAD 91,664CNY 469,648HKD 583,991IDR 998,915,676ILS 254,326INR 4,746,841KRW 79,555,448MXN 1,392,411MYR 291,225NZD 100,734PHP 3,829,126SGD 97,647THB 2,338,230ZAR 886,181
  • Mercedes-Benz 450 SL EUR 12,950JPY 1,756,020BGN 25,328CZK 327,272DKK 96,373GBP 11,384HUF 4,022,918PLN 53,746RON 60,276SEK 126,450CHF 15,062NOK 123,828HRK 96,251RUB 907,436TRY 60,518AUD 19,887BRL 50,982CAD 19,801CNY 101,450HKD 126,150IDR 215,779,116ILS 54,938INR 1,025,381KRW 17,185,038MXN 300,779MYR 62,909NZD 21,760PHP 827,142SGD 21,093THB 505,089ZAR 191,427
  • Mercedes-Benz 230 SL Price on request
  • MG MGA 1600 EUR 18,500JPY 2,508,600BGN 36,182CZK 467,532DKK 137,675GBP 16,263HUF 5,747,025PLN 76,781RON 86,108SEK 180,643CHF 21,517NOK 176,897HRK 137,501RUB 1,296,338TRY 86,454AUD 28,410BRL 72,831CAD 28,286CNY 144,929HKD 180,214IDR 308,255,880ILS 78,483INR 1,464,830KRW 24,550,055MXN 429,685MYR 89,869NZD 31,086PHP 1,181,632SGD 30,133THB 721,556ZAR 273,467
  • Mercedes-Benz 170 S-D EUR 14,500JPY 1,966,200BGN 28,359CZK 366,444DKK 107,908GBP 12,747HUF 4,504,425PLN 60,179RON 67,490SEK 141,585CHF 16,865NOK 138,649HRK 107,771RUB 1,016,048TRY 67,761AUD 22,268BRL 57,084CAD 22,170CNY 113,593HKD 141,249IDR 241,605,960ILS 61,513INR 1,148,110KRW 19,241,935MXN 336,780MYR 70,438NZD 24,364PHP 926,144SGD 23,618THB 565,544ZAR 214,339
  • Lancia Fulvia 1.3 S EUR 17,650JPY 2,393,340BGN 34,520CZK 446,051DKK 131,350GBP 15,516HUF 5,482,972PLN 73,253RON 82,152SEK 172,343CHF 20,529NOK 168,769HRK 131,184RUB 1,236,776TRY 82,482AUD 27,105BRL 69,485CAD 26,987CNY 138,270HKD 171,934IDR 294,092,772ILS 74,877INR 1,397,527KRW 23,422,080MXN 409,942MYR 85,740NZD 29,657PHP 1,127,341SGD 28,748THB 688,403ZAR 260,902
  • Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III (BJ8) EUR 92,500JPY 12,543,000BGN 180,912CZK 2,337,660DKK 688,376GBP 81,317HUF 28,735,125PLN 383,903RON 430,541SEK 903,216CHF 107,587NOK 884,485HRK 687,506RUB 6,481,688TRY 432,271AUD 142,052BRL 364,154CAD 141,432CNY 724,645HKD 901,070IDR 1,541,279,400ILS 392,413INR 7,324,150KRW 122,750,275MXN 2,148,424MYR 449,346NZD 155,428PHP 5,908,160SGD 150,664THB 3,607,778ZAR 1,367,335
  • Mercedes-Benz 200 E EUR 7,950JPY 1,078,020BGN 15,549CZK 200,912DKK 59,163GBP 6,989HUF 2,469,668PLN 32,995RON 37,003SEK 77,628CHF 9,247NOK 76,018HRK 59,088RUB 557,075TRY 37,152AUD 12,209BRL 31,298CAD 12,156CNY 62,280HKD 77,443IDR 132,466,716ILS 33,726INR 629,481KRW 10,549,888MXN 184,648MYR 38,620NZD 13,358PHP 507,782SGD 12,949THB 310,074ZAR 117,517
  • Ford Mustang 289 EUR 11,850JPY 1,606,860BGN 23,176CZK 299,473DKK 88,187GBP 10,417HUF 3,681,202PLN 49,181RON 55,156SEK 115,709CHF 13,783NOK 113,310HRK 88,075RUB 830,357TRY 55,377AUD 18,198BRL 46,651CAD 18,119CNY 92,833HKD 115,434IDR 197,450,388ILS 50,271INR 938,283KRW 15,725,306MXN 275,230MYR 57,565NZD 19,912PHP 756,883SGD 19,301THB 462,186ZAR 175,167
  • Chevrolet Camaro EUR 46,900JPY 6,359,640BGN 91,727CZK 1,185,257DKK 349,025GBP 41,230HUF 14,569,485PLN 194,649RON 218,296SEK 457,955CHF 54,549NOK 448,458HRK 348,584RUB 3,286,391TRY 219,173AUD 72,024BRL 184,636CAD 71,710CNY 367,415HKD 456,867IDR 781,470,312ILS 198,964INR 3,713,542KRW 62,237,707MXN 1,089,309MYR 227,831NZD 78,806PHP 2,995,597SGD 76,391THB 1,829,241ZAR 693,276
  • Oldsmobile Futuramic 88 Club Coupé EUR 29,500JPY 4,000,200BGN 57,696CZK 745,524DKK 219,536GBP 25,933HUF 9,164,175PLN 122,434RON 137,308SEK 288,053CHF 34,311NOK 282,079HRK 219,259RUB 2,067,133TRY 137,859AUD 45,303BRL 116,136CAD 45,106CNY 231,103HKD 287,368IDR 491,543,160ILS 125,148INR 2,335,810KRW 39,147,385MXN 685,173MYR 143,305NZD 49,569PHP 1,884,224SGD 48,050THB 1,150,588ZAR 436,069
  • Ford Mustang 289 EUR 19,500JPY 2,644,200BGN 38,138CZK 492,804DKK 145,117GBP 17,142HUF 6,057,675PLN 80,931RON 90,763SEK 190,408CHF 22,680NOK 186,459HRK 144,934RUB 1,366,410TRY 91,127AUD 29,946BRL 76,768CAD 29,816CNY 152,763HKD 189,955IDR 324,918,360ILS 82,725INR 1,544,010KRW 25,877,085MXN 452,911MYR 94,727NZD 32,766PHP 1,245,504SGD 31,762THB 760,558ZAR 288,249
  • Lotus Esprit Turbo HC EUR 27,500JPY 3,729,000BGN 53,784CZK 694,980DKK 204,652GBP 24,175HUF 8,542,875PLN 114,133RON 127,999SEK 268,524CHF 31,985NOK 262,955HRK 204,394RUB 1,926,988TRY 128,513AUD 42,232BRL 108,262CAD 42,048CNY 215,435HKD 267,886IDR 458,218,200ILS 116,663INR 2,177,450KRW 36,493,325MXN 638,720MYR 133,590NZD 46,208PHP 1,756,480SGD 44,792THB 1,072,582ZAR 406,505
  • Triumph TR 6 EUR 29,500JPY 4,000,200BGN 57,696CZK 745,524DKK 219,536GBP 25,933HUF 9,164,175PLN 122,434RON 137,308SEK 288,053CHF 34,311NOK 282,079HRK 219,259RUB 2,067,133TRY 137,859AUD 45,303BRL 116,136CAD 45,106CNY 231,103HKD 287,368IDR 491,543,160ILS 125,148INR 2,335,810KRW 39,147,385MXN 685,173MYR 143,305NZD 49,569PHP 1,884,224SGD 48,050THB 1,150,588ZAR 436,069
  • MG MGB EUR 22,500JPY 3,051,000BGN 44,006CZK 568,620DKK 167,443GBP 19,780HUF 6,989,625PLN 93,382RON 104,726SEK 219,701CHF 26,170NOK 215,145HRK 167,231RUB 1,576,627TRY 105,147AUD 34,553BRL 88,578CAD 34,402CNY 176,265HKD 219,179IDR 374,905,800ILS 95,452INR 1,781,550KRW 29,858,175MXN 522,590MYR 109,300NZD 37,807PHP 1,437,120SGD 36,648THB 877,568ZAR 332,595

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  • Mercedes-Benz 250 SL EUR 59,900JPY 8,122,440BGN 117,152CZK 1,513,793DKK 445,770GBP 52,658HUF 18,607,935PLN 248,603RON 278,805SEK 584,894CHF 69,670NOK 572,764HRK 445,207RUB 4,197,331TRY 279,925AUD 91,988BRL 235,814CAD 91,587CNY 469,257HKD 583,504IDR 998,082,552ILS 254,114INR 4,742,882KRW 79,489,097MXN 1,391,249MYR 290,982NZD 100,650PHP 3,825,933SGD 97,565THB 2,336,280ZAR 885,442
  • Bentley Mark VI EUR 38,000JPY 5,152,800BGN 74,320CZK 960,336DKK 282,792GBP 33,406HUF 11,804,700PLN 157,711RON 176,871SEK 371,051CHF 44,198NOK 363,356HRK 282,435RUB 2,662,747TRY 177,582AUD 58,357BRL 149,598CAD 58,102CNY 297,692HKD 370,169IDR 633,174,240ILS 161,207INR 3,008,840KRW 50,427,140MXN 882,596MYR 184,596NZD 63,851PHP 2,427,136SGD 61,894THB 1,482,114ZAR 561,716
  • Jaguar 240 EUR 130,816JPY 17,738,597BGN 255,849CZK 3,305,972DKK 973,517GBP 115,000HUF 40,637,869PLN 542,924RON 608,881SEK 1,277,349CHF 152,152NOK 1,250,859HRK 972,287RUB 9,166,551TRY 611,328AUD 200,894BRL 514,995CAD 200,017CNY 1,024,809HKD 1,274,314IDR 2,179,712,485ILS 554,959INR 10,357,980KRW 173,596,239MXN 3,038,350MYR 635,476NZD 219,809PHP 8,355,455SGD 213,072THB 5,102,201ZAR 1,933,716
  • Citroën SM injection EUR 38,000JPY 5,152,800BGN 74,320CZK 960,336DKK 282,792GBP 33,406HUF 11,804,700PLN 157,711RON 176,871SEK 371,051CHF 44,198NOK 363,356HRK 282,435RUB 2,662,747TRY 177,582AUD 58,357BRL 149,598CAD 58,102CNY 297,692HKD 370,169IDR 633,174,240ILS 161,207INR 3,008,840KRW 50,427,140MXN 882,596MYR 184,596NZD 63,851PHP 2,427,136SGD 61,894THB 1,482,114ZAR 561,716
  • Excalibur Pullman EUR 73,922JPY 10,023,883BGN 144,578CZK 1,868,168DKK 550,123GBP 65,000HUF 22,964,006PLN 306,800RON 344,072SEK 721,816CHF 85,979NOK 706,846HRK 549,429RUB 5,179,915TRY 345,454AUD 113,523BRL 291,018CAD 113,027CNY 579,108HKD 720,101IDR 1,231,731,178ILS 313,601INR 5,853,179KRW 98,097,296MXN 1,716,937MYR 359,100NZD 124,212PHP 4,721,574SGD 120,405THB 2,883,197ZAR 1,092,722
  • Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta EUR 4,950,000JPY 671,220,000BGN 9,681,210CZK 125,096,400DKK 36,837,405GBP 4,351,545HUF 1,537,717,500PLN 20,543,985RON 23,039,775SEK 48,334,275CHF 5,757,345NOK 47,331,900HRK 36,790,875RUB 346,857,885TRY 23,132,340AUD 7,601,715BRL 19,487,160CAD 7,568,550CNY 38,778,300HKD 48,219,435IDR 82,479,276,000ILS 20,999,385INR 391,941,000KRW 6,568,798,500MXN 114,969,690MYR 24,046,110NZD 8,317,485PHP 316,166,400SGD 8,062,560THB 193,064,850ZAR 73,170,900
  • Gatsby Cabriolet EUR 39,000JPY 5,288,400BGN 76,276CZK 985,608DKK 290,234GBP 34,285HUF 12,115,350PLN 161,862RON 181,526SEK 380,816CHF 45,361NOK 372,918HRK 289,868RUB 2,732,820TRY 182,255AUD 59,892BRL 153,535CAD 59,631CNY 305,526HKD 379,911IDR 649,836,720ILS 165,450INR 3,088,020KRW 51,754,170MXN 905,822MYR 189,454NZD 65,532PHP 2,491,008SGD 63,523THB 1,521,117ZAR 576,498
  • Jaguar XKR EUR 9,655JPY 1,309,207BGN 18,883CZK 243,999DKK 71,851GBP 8,500HUF 2,999,301PLN 40,071RON 44,939SEK 94,275CHF 11,230NOK 92,320HRK 71,760RUB 676,542TRY 45,119AUD 14,827BRL 38,009CAD 14,762CNY 75,637HKD 94,051IDR 160,874,911ILS 40,959INR 764,477KRW 12,812,368MXN 224,247MYR 46,902NZD 16,223PHP 616,679SGD 15,726THB 376,571ZAR 142,719
  • Toyota Land Cruiser J 100 V8 EUR 9,500JPY 1,288,200BGN 18,580CZK 240,084DKK 70,698GBP 8,351HUF 2,951,175PLN 39,428RON 44,218SEK 92,763CHF 11,049NOK 90,839HRK 70,609RUB 665,687TRY 44,395AUD 14,589BRL 37,400CAD 14,526CNY 74,423HKD 92,542IDR 158,293,560ILS 40,302INR 752,210KRW 12,606,785MXN 220,649MYR 46,149NZD 15,963PHP 606,784SGD 15,474THB 370,528ZAR 140,429
  • Bentley S 1 EUR 36,393JPY 4,934,835BGN 71,177CZK 919,714DKK 270,830GBP 32,000HUF 11,305,358PLN 151,040RON 169,389SEK 355,355CHF 42,328NOK 347,986HRK 270,488RUB 2,550,112TRY 170,070AUD 55,888BRL 143,270CAD 55,644CNY 285,100HKD 354,511IDR 606,390,803ILS 154,388INR 2,881,565KRW 48,294,059MXN 845,262MYR 176,788NZD 61,150PHP 2,324,468SGD 59,276THB 1,419,420ZAR 537,955
  • Bentley S 2 EUR 15,000JPY 2,034,000BGN 29,337CZK 379,080DKK 111,628GBP 13,186HUF 4,659,750PLN 62,254RON 69,818SEK 146,468CHF 17,446NOK 143,430HRK 111,488RUB 1,051,084TRY 70,098AUD 23,036BRL 59,052CAD 22,935CNY 117,510HKD 146,120IDR 249,937,200ILS 63,634INR 1,187,700KRW 19,905,450MXN 348,393MYR 72,867NZD 25,204PHP 958,080SGD 24,432THB 585,045ZAR 221,730
  • Auburn Speedster 851 EUR 38,667JPY 5,243,261BGN 75,625CZK 977,195DKK 287,757GBP 34,000HUF 12,011,941PLN 160,480RON 179,976SEK 377,565CHF 44,974NOK 369,735HRK 287,393RUB 2,709,494TRY 180,699AUD 59,381BRL 152,225CAD 59,122CNY 302,918HKD 376,668IDR 644,290,114ILS 164,038INR 3,061,663KRW 51,312,428MXN 898,090MYR 187,837NZD 64,972PHP 2,469,746SGD 62,981THB 1,508,134ZAR 571,577
  • MG MGA 1500 EUR 11,000JPY 1,491,600BGN 21,514CZK 277,992DKK 81,861GBP 9,670HUF 3,417,150PLN 45,653RON 51,200SEK 107,410CHF 12,794NOK 105,182HRK 81,758RUB 770,795TRY 51,405AUD 16,893BRL 43,305CAD 16,819CNY 86,174HKD 107,154IDR 183,287,280ILS 46,665INR 870,980KRW 14,597,330MXN 255,488MYR 53,436NZD 18,483PHP 702,592SGD 17,917THB 429,033ZAR 162,602
  • Citroën DS 20 Pallas EUR 42,000JPY 5,695,200BGN 82,144CZK 1,061,424DKK 312,560GBP 36,922HUF 13,047,300PLN 174,313RON 195,489SEK 410,109CHF 48,850NOK 401,604HRK 312,165RUB 2,943,037TRY 196,274AUD 64,499BRL 165,346CAD 64,218CNY 329,028HKD 409,135IDR 699,824,160ILS 178,177INR 3,325,560KRW 55,735,260MXN 975,500MYR 204,028NZD 70,573PHP 2,682,624SGD 68,410THB 1,638,126ZAR 620,844
  • Alfa Romeo Montreal EUR 48,000JPY 6,508,800BGN 93,878CZK 1,213,056DKK 357,211GBP 42,197HUF 14,911,200PLN 199,214RON 223,416SEK 468,696CHF 55,829NOK 458,976HRK 356,760RUB 3,363,470TRY 224,314AUD 73,714BRL 188,966CAD 73,392CNY 376,032HKD 467,582IDR 799,799,040ILS 203,630INR 3,800,640KRW 63,697,440MXN 1,114,858MYR 233,174NZD 80,654PHP 3,065,856SGD 78,182THB 1,872,144ZAR 709,536

William I’Anson

Offer Your Classic Car Start now

Classic Cars by body

Classic Cars for Sale - Buy Your Favorite Classic Car from any Era

A new car is a milestone in everyone's life and often seen as a kind of companion by the owner. Classic cars are a popular choice for people who prefer vehicles with personality and style instead of technically advanced novelty’s. In our shop, you can browse through past eras of the automobile culture and find European vintage cars in many different styles for sale. The categories are segmented by the different types of vehicle bodies, which makes it easy to find your personal frontrunner or a new treasure for your garage. In the summary below we shine a light on all the information you need to choose the perfect Classic Car for Sale for nostalgic feelings on the street.

Classic Cars from old and modern Eras – A Travel through Time

Welcome to the world of classic cars and antique cars! On our marketplace, we offer a huge assortment of Classic Cars from different manufacturers and decades. Horses, flashpoints and stars are popular motives you may encounter - Classic Cars were made as lifestyle products once and not just as technical status symbols. Share some good taste on the street and show the style you identify with the most. We make it easy to obtain European and American cars including insurance and shipping issues.

The Emergence of a new Cult in Society - Classic Cars as Status Symbols

In 1885, Carl Benz turned over a new leaf in the history of mobility and was granted a patent for the first automobile. The technique evolved with new makes and models like the Ford Tin Lizzie and the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL over the past 100 years. Some of the tedious models from the past turned into popular classic Car models over the years - European cars like the Volkswagen Beetle, Citroen 2CV or Jaguar XK and other "oldies" are good examples for this nostalgic value.

Over 2.500 manufacturers produced a countless number of different car models over the past 100 years. It is not that easy to tell what makes a certain car so special, even decades after the production shut down. Sometimes it depends on the car body as such, sometimes a famous driver increased the popularity of a certain car model. Good examples for cars that made an astonishing image change are the European Opel Kadett or classic muscle cars from the US. Those pragmatic but fuel consuming cars were widely disliked for years - today, there is a huge fan community for old and restored muscle cars and standard models from Europe and they are popular collectibles for every automobile fan.

A definition for classic cars and antique cars

The term “Classic Car” refers to a car that has been brought on stream at least 30 years ago. Antiquities that count as "Vintage" are often part of a country's cultural history and become symbols of certain decades and lifestyles. The classic cars combine history, art and tradition on four wheels which makes them a highlight wherever they are seen. There are various reasons and pro arguments for people to buy a classic car for daily usage or as a second car for special trips on the street: For some people it is a clever investment, other people love the feeling of driving such an old treasure and a few hobby-workers like to lose themselves in the restoration of classic cars. The possibilities for individual self-fulfilment are countless: Limited editions of various manufacturers, British roadsters or Italian convertibles are just a few examples for passionate collectors. On the Classic Trader Marketplace you can find classic cars for sale to complete your international collection with rare models from every continent.

Find your personal treasure

The benefit of buying an outrunning model is the high potential of a valuable investment over a relatively short period of time - cars that are relatively keen today could become valuable classic cars in the future. Other classic cars for sale are already real treasures with a stable value that is permanently rising. Of course, a classic car is not something you park on the street for a longer period of time: Before you purchase your favorite model, you should make sure to have enough space for a long-time storage. If you happen to be lucky enough to find a functioning model, you should regularly maintain the sensitive technique to keep it that way. Spare parts are very expensive and difficult to obtain, so you should try to avoid unnecessary attrition.

Pre-war Cars for sale - not outdated at all

Many brilliant designs and manufacturers already established before WWII and unfortunately faded into obscurity due to worldwide cultural changes. The famous Bentley Blower for example was not very popular in the 1920's and 1930's, but today it is a downright attraction in every private or public collection of classic cars. Owners of a Riley, Mercedes-Benz, Alvis or Rolls-Royce vintage cars can be sure to find numerous interested purchasers anytime. The classic cars are historical witnesses of certain time periods and make every trip on the street an outstanding event for the driver and for everyone on the street.

Post-War Classic Cars for Sale

After WWII, cars became lifestyle products and stood for individual fulfillment and personal liberty. Reconstruction and redevelopment were central values in post-war societies, where people mainly worked on improving the economy and their personal mobility. In West Germany, the VW Beetle, the BMW Isetta and the Citroën 2CV were the first affordable models for the middle class, moreover upper class models like the Mercedes-Benz SL started their worldwide success story. At the same time, British manufacturers built classic legends like the Aston Martin DB5, the Austin-Healey 3000 and the Triumph TR3. A rare treasure from that period is the Jaguar XK 120, a powerful and elegantly designed roadster. American muscle cars from the 1960's like the Cadillac DeVille came to fame due to their striking tail fins. A popular car model and an eternal symbol for the hippie-lifestyle is the VW T1 Bus, also called "Bulli" in Europe. The Citroën DS (named "The Goddess" by collectors) is a French model which was very popular in its days and is still asked today.

Antique cars from around the world

Some car models came to worldwide fame and pertain as everlasting status symbols. Upcoming prosperity in Europe after WWII rapidly increased the popularity of sporty cars and manufacturers focused on models especially designed for high driving enjoyment. British roadsters from the 1950's and the 1960's offer low comfort but people back then and today love the feeling of driving the sporty cars. The same is true for Italian models - some limited Ferrari editions belong to the most sought-after antiquities in the world. German manufacturers became a great part of the automobile history - classic car models from Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are masterpieces of European car engineering and stand out because of the advanced and efficient technique. On Classic Trader, you will find classic cars for sale from nearly every country or offer treasures from your own garage.

Celebrities and their iconic classic cars

Many cars come to fame because of a certain connection to famous celebrities or movies. The DeLorean DMC-12 from “Back to the Future”, James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 or the VW Beetle named "Herbie" are good examples for cars we know from the screen. A treasure from the American film history is the Ford Gran Torino - Clint Eastwood used it as a central allegorical element in the eponymous movie, years after “Starsky and Hutch” made it a cult object. Other models like James Dean's Porsche 550 Spyder are associated with tragic fates and therefore became collector’s items. The atmosphere that surrounds a certain car depends on the people and events it is associated with. Find a model that fits your style in our selected assortment of antique vehicles from every decade and in every shape.

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