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Explore a secure and hassle-free way to purchase your dream classic car or motorbike through our expertly curated auctions.

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Classic Trader: The Safer Way to Buy Collector Cars or Motorbikes Online

Experience high levels of security and transparency with Classic Trader auctions, your trusted platform for acquiring classic vehicles. Our innovative and robust security architecture, combined with verified vehicles and sellers, ensures a smooth and stress-free bidding process.

Certified condition by an independent classic car expert

A neutral assessment of the technical condition of the vehicle is commissioned for each auction vehicle. The appraisal is carried out according to a standardised TÜV-certified process to ensure maximum comparability.

Buyer's Concierge Service

Enjoy the privilege of our Buyer's Concierge Service, which will support you throughout the entire auction process until your new vehicle is safely delivered to your doorstep.

Verified identities of sellers & buyers

The identity verification of both sellers and buyers is rigorously enforced to safeguard against fraud and guarantee an equitable auction environment. This stringent measure ensures that all parties involved can participate with confidence, knowing that the integrity of the auction process is upheld.

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Everything you need to buy your classic safely and easily

〝The Only Way To Do Great Work is to Love What You Do.〞

– Steve Jobs

Founder & Managing Directors of Classic Trader

Torsten Claus & Christian Plagemann

We have been working for many years to develop the best way to find and buy your classic vehicle. Step by step, we are achieving unrivalled quality and security, including our own valuation standards, which give offers unique transparency across countries. Experience the Classic Trader way and bid on your dream classic car or motorbike.

3 steps to your dream classic

We have designed the entire process in order to allow for a secure and sound buying decision, transforming the journey to a successful purchase into an enjoyable and low-risk experience.

  1. 1

    Register an account

    Create a free account on Classic Trader to get started. You can register as a dealer or private seller and start bidding right away.

  2. 2

    Bid with confidence

    Placing a bid in Classic Trader Auctions is straightforward. Once registered, you can bid on any auction vehicle. Simply enter your desired bid amount on the auction page. If you are outbid, you will be notified and can quickly respond with another bid. The auction ends automatically at the designated time. The highest bid that meets or exceeds the reserve price wins. If you have placed the highest bid, you will receive instructions for the next steps.

  3. 3

    Win the auction and enjoy your new Classic ride

    With Classic Trader Auctions, you not only purchase your next classic vehicle with utmost security but also invest in a piece of history. Once you win an auction, our team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have e.g. regarding payment or vehicle transport. Prepare for your next bid and soon enjoy the pleasure of driving.

How do auctions work with Classic Trader?

Discover the mechanics behind Classic Trader auctions, where meticulous verification ensures a secure and fair bidding environment.

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