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  • BMW R 12 EUR 31,000JPY 4,201,740BGN 60,630CZK 788,423DKK 230,807GBP 27,393HUF 9,585,200PLN 129,320RON 144,441SEK 304,832CHF 36,450NOK 298,353HRK 230,491RUB 2,149,304TRY 144,327AUD 47,436BRL 121,867CAD 47,263CNY 243,291HKD 297,023IDR 505,786,390ILS 129,695INR 2,425,409KRW 40,514,520MXN 707,287MYR 149,606NZD 52,176PHP 1,926,278SGD 50,152THB 1,211,139ZAR 463,614
  • Puch RL 125 EUR 4,500JPY 609,930BGN 8,801CZK 114,448DKK 33,504GBP 3,976HUF 1,391,400PLN 18,772RON 20,967SEK 44,250CHF 5,291NOK 43,309HRK 33,458RUB 311,996TRY 20,951AUD 6,886BRL 17,690CAD 6,861CNY 35,316HKD 43,116IDR 73,420,605ILS 18,827INR 352,076KRW 5,881,140MXN 102,671MYR 21,717NZD 7,574PHP 279,621SGD 7,280THB 175,810ZAR 67,299
  • Piaggio Vespa 50 N Special EUR 2,600JPY 352,404BGN 5,085CZK 66,126DKK 19,358GBP 2,297HUF 803,920PLN 10,846RON 12,114SEK 25,567CHF 3,057NOK 25,023HRK 19,332RUB 180,264TRY 12,105AUD 3,979BRL 10,221CAD 3,964CNY 20,405HKD 24,912IDR 42,420,794ILS 10,878INR 203,421KRW 3,397,992MXN 59,321MYR 12,548NZD 4,376PHP 161,559SGD 4,206THB 101,579ZAR 38,884
  • Piaggio Vespa 125 Primavera ET3 EUR 4,699JPY 636,902BGN 9,190CZK 119,510DKK 34,986GBP 4,152HUF 1,452,931PLN 19,602RON 21,895SEK 46,207CHF 5,525NOK 45,225HRK 34,938RUB 325,793TRY 21,877AUD 7,190BRL 18,473CAD 7,164CNY 36,878HKD 45,023IDR 76,667,427ILS 19,659INR 367,645KRW 6,141,217MXN 107,211MYR 22,677NZD 7,909PHP 291,986SGD 7,602THB 183,585ZAR 70,275
  • BSA A 75 Rocket 3 II EUR 19,700JPY 2,670,138BGN 38,529CZK 501,030DKK 146,674GBP 17,408HUF 6,091,240PLN 82,181RON 91,790SEK 193,716CHF 23,163NOK 189,599HRK 146,473RUB 1,365,848TRY 91,717AUD 30,145BRL 77,445CAD 30,035CNY 154,608HKD 188,754IDR 321,419,093ILS 82,419INR 1,541,308KRW 25,746,324MXN 449,469MYR 95,072NZD 33,157PHP 1,224,119SGD 31,871THB 769,659ZAR 294,619
  • DKW RT 250 VS EUR 3,850JPY 521,829BGN 7,530CZK 97,917DKK 28,665GBP 3,402HUF 1,190,420PLN 16,061RON 17,939SEK 37,858CHF 4,527NOK 37,054HRK 28,626RUB 266,930TRY 17,924AUD 5,891BRL 15,135CAD 5,870CNY 30,215HKD 36,888IDR 62,815,406ILS 16,107INR 301,220KRW 5,031,642MXN 87,840MYR 18,580NZD 6,480PHP 239,231SGD 6,229THB 150,416ZAR 57,578
  • NSU 201 ZD Pony EUR 6,500JPY 881,010BGN 12,713CZK 165,314DKK 48,395GBP 5,744HUF 2,009,800PLN 27,115RON 30,286SEK 63,916CHF 7,643NOK 62,558HRK 48,329RUB 450,661TRY 30,262AUD 9,946BRL 25,553CAD 9,910CNY 51,013HKD 62,279IDR 106,051,985ILS 27,194INR 508,554KRW 8,494,980MXN 148,302MYR 31,369NZD 10,940PHP 403,897SGD 10,516THB 253,948ZAR 97,209
  • Piaggio Vespa 125 EUR 4,950JPY 670,923BGN 9,681CZK 125,893DKK 36,855GBP 4,374HUF 1,530,540PLN 20,649RON 23,064SEK 48,675CHF 5,820NOK 47,640HRK 36,804RUB 343,195TRY 23,046AUD 7,574BRL 19,459CAD 7,547CNY 38,848HKD 47,428IDR 80,762,666ILS 20,709INR 387,283KRW 6,469,254MXN 112,938MYR 23,889NZD 8,331PHP 307,583SGD 8,008THB 193,392ZAR 74,029
  • Piaggio Vespa APE C EUR 2,000JPY 271,080BGN 3,912CZK 50,866DKK 14,891GBP 1,767HUF 618,400PLN 8,343RON 9,319SEK 19,667CHF 2,352NOK 19,249HRK 14,870RUB 138,665TRY 9,311AUD 3,060BRL 7,862CAD 3,049CNY 15,696HKD 19,163IDR 32,631,380ILS 8,367INR 156,478KRW 2,613,840MXN 45,631MYR 9,652NZD 3,366PHP 124,276SGD 3,236THB 78,138ZAR 29,911
  • Suzuki GT 380 EUR 5,500JPY 745,470BGN 10,757CZK 139,882DKK 40,950GBP 4,860HUF 1,700,600PLN 22,944RON 25,627SEK 54,083CHF 6,467NOK 52,934HRK 40,894RUB 381,328TRY 25,606AUD 8,416BRL 21,622CAD 8,385CNY 43,165HKD 52,698IDR 89,736,295ILS 23,010INR 430,314KRW 7,188,060MXN 125,486MYR 26,543NZD 9,257PHP 341,759SGD 8,898THB 214,880ZAR 82,254
  • Honda 750 Tailor EUR 5,950JPY 806,463BGN 11,637CZK 151,326DKK 44,300GBP 5,258HUF 1,839,740PLN 24,821RON 27,723SEK 58,508CHF 6,996NOK 57,265HRK 44,239RUB 412,528TRY 27,701AUD 9,105BRL 23,391CAD 9,071CNY 46,696HKD 57,009IDR 97,078,356ILS 24,893INR 465,522KRW 7,776,174MXN 135,753MYR 28,715NZD 10,014PHP 369,721SGD 9,626THB 232,461ZAR 88,984
  • Suzuki RG50 EUR 790JPY 107,077BGN 1,545CZK 20,092DKK 5,882GBP 698HUF 244,268PLN 3,296RON 3,681SEK 7,768CHF 929NOK 7,603HRK 5,874RUB 54,773TRY 3,678AUD 1,209BRL 3,106CAD 1,204CNY 6,200HKD 7,569IDR 12,889,395ILS 3,305INR 61,809KRW 1,032,467MXN 18,024MYR 3,813NZD 1,330PHP 49,089SGD 1,278THB 30,865ZAR 11,815
  • Monet-Goyon 350 Type B EUR 6,700JPY 908,118BGN 13,104CZK 170,401DKK 49,884GBP 5,920HUF 2,071,640PLN 27,950RON 31,218SEK 65,883CHF 7,878NOK 64,483HRK 49,816RUB 464,527TRY 31,193AUD 10,252BRL 26,339CAD 10,215CNY 52,582HKD 64,195IDR 109,315,123ILS 28,031INR 524,201KRW 8,756,364MXN 152,865MYR 32,334NZD 11,277PHP 416,325SGD 10,839THB 261,762ZAR 100,201
  • Piaggio Vespa PK 50 S EUR 2,500JPY 338,850BGN 4,890CZK 63,582DKK 18,614GBP 2,209HUF 773,000PLN 10,429RON 11,648SEK 24,583CHF 2,940NOK 24,061HRK 18,588RUB 173,331TRY 11,639AUD 3,826BRL 9,828CAD 3,812CNY 19,620HKD 23,954IDR 40,789,225ILS 10,459INR 195,598KRW 3,267,300MXN 57,039MYR 12,065NZD 4,208PHP 155,345SGD 4,044THB 97,672ZAR 37,388

Latest Ads

  • Triumph (TWN) BDG 250 EUR 2,450JPY 332,073BGN 4,792CZK 62,311DKK 18,241GBP 2,165HUF 757,540PLN 10,220RON 11,416SEK 24,092CHF 2,881NOK 23,580HRK 18,216RUB 169,864TRY 11,406AUD 3,749BRL 9,631CAD 3,735CNY 19,228HKD 23,474IDR 39,973,440ILS 10,250INR 191,686KRW 3,201,954MXN 55,898MYR 11,824NZD 4,124PHP 152,238SGD 3,964THB 95,719ZAR 36,640
  • Terrot H EUR 5,450JPY 738,693BGN 10,659CZK 138,610DKK 40,577GBP 4,816HUF 1,685,140PLN 22,735RON 25,394SEK 53,591CHF 6,408NOK 52,452HRK 40,522RUB 377,862TRY 25,374AUD 8,340BRL 21,425CAD 8,309CNY 42,772HKD 52,219IDR 88,920,510ILS 22,801INR 426,403KRW 7,122,714MXN 124,346MYR 26,302NZD 9,173PHP 338,652SGD 8,817THB 212,926ZAR 81,506
  • Standard Rex Sport 350 EUR 9,950JPY 1,348,623BGN 19,460CZK 253,058DKK 74,082GBP 8,792HUF 3,076,540PLN 41,507RON 46,361SEK 97,841CHF 11,699NOK 95,762HRK 73,980RUB 689,857TRY 46,324AUD 15,225BRL 39,115CAD 15,170CNY 78,089HKD 95,335IDR 162,341,116ILS 41,628INR 778,478KRW 13,003,854MXN 227,016MYR 48,019NZD 16,747PHP 618,273SGD 16,097THB 388,737ZAR 148,805
  • Norton Model 20 Price on request
  • Kawasaki Z 1000R EUR 7,450JPY 1,009,773BGN 14,571CZK 189,476DKK 55,468GBP 6,583HUF 2,303,540PLN 31,078RON 34,713SEK 73,258CHF 8,760NOK 71,701HRK 55,392RUB 516,526TRY 34,685AUD 11,400BRL 29,287CAD 11,358CNY 58,468HKD 71,381IDR 121,551,890ILS 31,169INR 582,881KRW 9,736,554MXN 169,977MYR 35,954NZD 12,539PHP 462,928SGD 12,053THB 291,064ZAR 111,417
  • Indian Sport Scout EUR 37,500JPY 5,082,750BGN 73,342CZK 953,738DKK 279,202GBP 33,137HUF 11,595,000PLN 156,435RON 174,728SEK 368,749CHF 44,092NOK 360,911HRK 278,820RUB 2,599,965TRY 174,589AUD 57,382BRL 147,420CAD 57,172CNY 294,304HKD 359,302IDR 611,838,375ILS 156,889INR 2,933,962KRW 49,009,500MXN 855,589MYR 180,975NZD 63,116PHP 2,330,175SGD 60,668THB 1,465,088ZAR 560,824
  • DKW NZ 350 EUR 7,950JPY 1,077,543BGN 15,549CZK 202,192DKK 59,191GBP 7,025HUF 2,458,140PLN 33,164RON 37,042SEK 78,175CHF 9,348NOK 76,513HRK 59,110RUB 551,193TRY 37,013AUD 12,165BRL 31,253CAD 12,121CNY 62,392HKD 76,172IDR 129,709,736ILS 33,260INR 622,000KRW 10,390,014MXN 181,385MYR 38,367NZD 13,381PHP 493,997SGD 12,862THB 310,599ZAR 118,895
  • Ariel W/NG 350 EUR 6,950JPY 942,003BGN 13,593CZK 176,759DKK 51,746GBP 6,141HUF 2,148,940PLN 28,993RON 32,383SEK 68,341CHF 8,172NOK 66,889HRK 51,675RUB 481,860TRY 32,357AUD 10,635BRL 27,322CAD 10,596CNY 54,544HKD 66,591IDR 113,394,046ILS 29,077INR 543,761KRW 9,083,094MXN 158,569MYR 33,541NZD 11,698PHP 431,859SGD 11,244THB 271,530ZAR 103,939
  • Triumph (TWN) BDG 250 EUR 3,450JPY 467,613BGN 6,748CZK 87,744DKK 25,687GBP 3,049HUF 1,066,740PLN 14,392RON 16,075SEK 33,925CHF 4,057NOK 33,204HRK 25,651RUB 239,197TRY 16,062AUD 5,279BRL 13,563CAD 5,260CNY 27,076HKD 33,056IDR 56,289,130ILS 14,434INR 269,925KRW 4,508,874MXN 78,714MYR 16,650NZD 5,807PHP 214,376SGD 5,581THB 134,788ZAR 51,596
  • Indian Chief 74 EUR 43,000JPY 5,828,220BGN 84,099CZK 1,093,619DKK 320,152GBP 37,997HUF 13,295,600PLN 179,379RON 200,354SEK 422,832CHF 50,559NOK 413,845HRK 319,714RUB 2,981,293TRY 200,195AUD 65,799BRL 169,042CAD 65,558CNY 337,468HKD 412,000IDR 701,574,670ILS 179,899INR 3,364,277KRW 56,197,560MXN 981,075MYR 207,518NZD 72,373PHP 2,671,934SGD 69,565THB 1,679,967ZAR 643,078
  • BSA M 24 Gold Star Price on request
  • Adler M 100 EUR 950JPY 128,763BGN 1,858CZK 24,161DKK 7,073GBP 839HUF 293,740PLN 3,963RON 4,426SEK 9,342CHF 1,117NOK 9,143HRK 7,063RUB 65,866TRY 4,423AUD 1,454BRL 3,735CAD 1,448CNY 7,456HKD 9,102IDR 15,499,906ILS 3,975INR 74,327KRW 1,241,574MXN 21,675MYR 4,585NZD 1,599PHP 59,031SGD 1,537THB 37,116ZAR 14,208

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Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

  • Harley-Davidson FXSTBI Softail Nig... EUR 9,800JPY 1,328,292BGN 19,167CZK 249,243DKK 72,965GBP 8,660HUF 3,030,160PLN 40,882RON 45,662SEK 96,366CHF 11,523NOK 94,318HRK 72,865RUB 679,458TRY 45,626AUD 14,996BRL 38,526CAD 14,941CNY 76,911HKD 93,898IDR 159,893,762ILS 41,000INR 766,742KRW 12,807,816MXN 223,594MYR 47,295NZD 16,494PHP 608,952SGD 15,854THB 382,876ZAR 146,562
  • Harley-Davidson FXSTBI Softail Nig... EUR 10,200JPY 1,382,508BGN 19,949CZK 259,417DKK 75,943GBP 9,013HUF 3,153,840PLN 42,550RON 47,526SEK 100,300CHF 11,993NOK 98,168HRK 75,839RUB 707,190TRY 47,488AUD 15,608BRL 40,098CAD 15,551CNY 80,051HKD 97,730IDR 166,420,038ILS 42,674INR 798,038KRW 13,330,584MXN 232,720MYR 49,225NZD 17,168PHP 633,808SGD 16,502THB 398,504ZAR 152,544
  • Harley-Davidson FXD Dyna Super Gli... EUR 9,000JPY 1,219,860BGN 17,602CZK 228,897DKK 67,009GBP 7,953HUF 2,782,800PLN 37,544RON 41,935SEK 88,500CHF 10,582NOK 86,619HRK 66,917RUB 623,992TRY 41,901AUD 13,772BRL 35,381CAD 13,721CNY 70,633HKD 86,233IDR 146,841,210ILS 37,653INR 704,151KRW 11,762,280MXN 205,341MYR 43,434NZD 15,148PHP 559,242SGD 14,560THB 351,621ZAR 134,598
  • Harley-Davidson Sportster XL 883 EUR 5,600JPY 759,024BGN 10,952CZK 142,425DKK 41,694GBP 4,948HUF 1,731,520PLN 23,361RON 26,093SEK 55,066CHF 6,584NOK 53,896HRK 41,637RUB 388,261TRY 26,072AUD 8,569BRL 22,015CAD 8,538CNY 43,949HKD 53,656IDR 91,367,864ILS 23,429INR 438,138KRW 7,318,752MXN 127,768MYR 27,026NZD 9,425PHP 347,973SGD 9,060THB 218,786ZAR 83,750
  • Harley-Davidson Sportster XL 883 EUR 6,800JPY 921,672BGN 13,299CZK 172,944DKK 50,629GBP 6,009HUF 2,102,560PLN 28,367RON 31,684SEK 66,866CHF 7,995NOK 65,445HRK 50,559RUB 471,460TRY 31,659AUD 10,405BRL 26,732CAD 10,367CNY 53,367HKD 65,154IDR 110,946,692ILS 28,449INR 532,025KRW 8,887,056MXN 155,147MYR 32,817NZD 11,445PHP 422,538SGD 11,001THB 265,669ZAR 101,696
  • Harley-Davidson Sportster XLH 883 EUR 4,500JPY 609,930BGN 8,801CZK 114,448DKK 33,504GBP 3,976HUF 1,391,400PLN 18,772RON 20,967SEK 44,250CHF 5,291NOK 43,309HRK 33,458RUB 311,996TRY 20,951AUD 6,886BRL 17,690CAD 6,861CNY 35,316HKD 43,116IDR 73,420,605ILS 18,827INR 352,076KRW 5,881,140MXN 102,671MYR 21,717NZD 7,574PHP 279,621SGD 7,280THB 175,810ZAR 67,299
  • Harley-Davidson FXSTC 1340 Softail... EUR 17,800JPY 2,412,612BGN 34,813CZK 452,707DKK 132,528GBP 15,729HUF 5,503,760PLN 74,254RON 82,937SEK 175,033CHF 20,929NOK 171,313HRK 132,347RUB 1,234,117TRY 82,871AUD 27,238BRL 69,975CAD 27,138CNY 139,696HKD 170,549IDR 290,419,282ILS 74,470INR 1,392,654KRW 23,263,176MXN 406,119MYR 85,903NZD 29,959PHP 1,106,056SGD 28,797THB 695,428ZAR 266,204
  • Harley-Davidson WL EUR 14,950JPY 2,026,323BGN 29,239CZK 380,223DKK 111,309GBP 13,211HUF 4,622,540PLN 62,365RON 69,658SEK 147,008CHF 17,578NOK 143,883HRK 111,156RUB 1,036,519TRY 69,603AUD 22,876BRL 58,771CAD 22,793CNY 117,329HKD 143,242IDR 243,919,566ILS 62,546INR 1,169,673KRW 19,538,454MXN 341,095MYR 72,149NZD 25,162PHP 928,963SGD 24,186THB 584,082ZAR 223,582
  • Harley-Davidson WLA Price on request
  • Harley-Davidson WL EUR 13,500JPY 1,829,790BGN 26,403CZK 343,346DKK 100,513GBP 11,929HUF 4,174,200PLN 56,317RON 62,902SEK 132,750CHF 15,873NOK 129,928HRK 100,375RUB 935,987TRY 62,852AUD 20,658BRL 53,071CAD 20,582CNY 105,949HKD 129,349IDR 220,261,815ILS 56,480INR 1,056,226KRW 17,643,420MXN 308,012MYR 65,151NZD 22,722PHP 838,863SGD 21,840THB 527,432ZAR 201,897
  • Harley-Davidson SS 350 Price on request

Honda Motorcycles

  • Honda XL 650V Transalp EUR 2,500JPY 338,850BGN 4,890CZK 63,582DKK 18,614GBP 2,209HUF 773,000PLN 10,429RON 11,648SEK 24,583CHF 2,940NOK 24,061HRK 18,588RUB 173,331TRY 11,639AUD 3,826BRL 9,828CAD 3,812CNY 19,620HKD 23,954IDR 40,789,225ILS 10,459INR 195,598KRW 3,267,300MXN 57,039MYR 12,065NZD 4,208PHP 155,345SGD 4,044THB 97,672ZAR 37,388
  • Honda ST 1100 Pan European EUR 2,300JPY 311,742BGN 4,498CZK 58,496DKK 17,124GBP 2,032HUF 711,160PLN 9,595RON 10,717SEK 22,617CHF 2,704NOK 22,136HRK 17,101RUB 159,465TRY 10,708AUD 3,519BRL 9,042CAD 3,507CNY 18,051HKD 22,037IDR 37,526,087ILS 9,623INR 179,950KRW 3,005,916MXN 52,476MYR 11,100NZD 3,871PHP 142,917SGD 3,721THB 89,859ZAR 34,397
  • Honda Pacific Coast 800 EUR 4,500JPY 609,930BGN 8,801CZK 114,448DKK 33,504GBP 3,976HUF 1,391,400PLN 18,772RON 20,967SEK 44,250CHF 5,291NOK 43,309HRK 33,458RUB 311,996TRY 20,951AUD 6,886BRL 17,690CAD 6,861CNY 35,316HKD 43,116IDR 73,420,605ILS 18,827INR 352,076KRW 5,881,140MXN 102,671MYR 21,717NZD 7,574PHP 279,621SGD 7,280THB 175,810ZAR 67,299
  • Honda CX 500 Turbo EUR 8,000JPY 1,084,320BGN 15,646CZK 203,464DKK 59,563GBP 7,069HUF 2,473,600PLN 33,373RON 37,275SEK 78,666CHF 9,406NOK 76,994HRK 59,482RUB 554,659TRY 37,246AUD 12,242BRL 31,450CAD 12,197CNY 62,785HKD 76,651IDR 130,525,520ILS 33,470INR 625,912KRW 10,455,360MXN 182,526MYR 38,608NZD 13,465PHP 497,104SGD 12,942THB 312,552ZAR 119,642
  • Honda CBR 600 F EUR 1,450JPY 196,533BGN 2,836CZK 36,878DKK 10,796GBP 1,281HUF 448,340PLN 6,049RON 6,756SEK 14,258CHF 1,705NOK 13,955HRK 10,781RUB 100,532TRY 6,751AUD 2,219BRL 5,700CAD 2,211CNY 11,380HKD 13,893IDR 23,657,750ILS 6,066INR 113,447KRW 1,895,034MXN 33,083MYR 6,998NZD 2,440PHP 90,100SGD 2,346THB 56,650ZAR 21,685
  • Honda CB 750 K2 EUR 9,900JPY 1,341,846BGN 19,362CZK 251,787DKK 73,709GBP 8,748HUF 3,061,080PLN 41,299RON 46,128SEK 97,350CHF 11,640NOK 95,281HRK 73,608RUB 686,391TRY 46,091AUD 15,149BRL 38,919CAD 15,094CNY 77,696HKD 94,856IDR 161,525,331ILS 41,419INR 774,566KRW 12,938,508MXN 225,875MYR 47,777NZD 16,663PHP 615,166SGD 16,016THB 386,783ZAR 148,057
  • Honda CB 500 T EUR 4,900JPY 664,146BGN 9,583CZK 124,622DKK 36,482GBP 4,330HUF 1,515,080PLN 20,441RON 22,831SEK 48,183CHF 5,761NOK 47,159HRK 36,432RUB 339,729TRY 22,813AUD 7,498BRL 19,263CAD 7,471CNY 38,456HKD 46,949IDR 79,946,881ILS 20,500INR 383,371KRW 6,403,908MXN 111,797MYR 23,647NZD 8,247PHP 304,476SGD 7,927THB 191,438ZAR 73,281
  • Honda CB 400 Four Racing EUR 8,500JPY 1,152,090BGN 16,624CZK 216,180DKK 63,286GBP 7,511HUF 2,628,200PLN 35,459RON 39,605SEK 83,583CHF 9,994NOK 81,807HRK 63,199RUB 589,325TRY 39,573AUD 13,007BRL 33,415CAD 12,959CNY 66,709HKD 81,442IDR 138,683,365ILS 35,561INR 665,032KRW 11,108,820MXN 193,933MYR 41,021NZD 14,306PHP 528,173SGD 13,751THB 332,086ZAR 127,120
  • Honda CB 400 Four EUR 4,000JPY 542,160BGN 7,823CZK 101,732DKK 29,782GBP 3,535HUF 1,236,800PLN 16,686RON 18,638SEK 39,333CHF 4,703NOK 38,497HRK 29,741RUB 277,330TRY 18,623AUD 6,121BRL 15,725CAD 6,098CNY 31,392HKD 38,326IDR 65,262,760ILS 16,735INR 312,956KRW 5,227,680MXN 91,263MYR 19,304NZD 6,732PHP 248,552SGD 6,471THB 156,276ZAR 59,821
  • Honda CB 750 Four EUR 7,500JPY 1,016,550BGN 14,668CZK 190,748DKK 55,840GBP 6,627HUF 2,319,000PLN 31,287RON 34,946SEK 73,750CHF 8,818NOK 72,182HRK 55,764RUB 519,993TRY 34,918AUD 11,476BRL 29,484CAD 11,434CNY 58,861HKD 71,860IDR 122,367,675ILS 31,378INR 586,792KRW 9,801,900MXN 171,118MYR 36,195NZD 12,623PHP 466,035SGD 12,134THB 293,018ZAR 112,165
  • Honda VFR 750F EUR 3,100JPY 420,174BGN 6,063CZK 78,842DKK 23,081GBP 2,739HUF 958,520PLN 12,932RON 14,444SEK 30,483CHF 3,645NOK 29,835HRK 23,049RUB 214,930TRY 14,433AUD 4,744BRL 12,187CAD 4,726CNY 24,329HKD 29,702IDR 50,578,639ILS 12,969INR 242,541KRW 4,051,452MXN 70,729MYR 14,961NZD 5,218PHP 192,628SGD 5,015THB 121,114ZAR 46,361
  • Honda CB 500 Four EUR 6,100JPY 826,794BGN 11,930CZK 155,141DKK 45,417GBP 5,390HUF 1,886,120PLN 25,447RON 28,422SEK 59,983CHF 7,172NOK 58,708HRK 45,355RUB 422,928TRY 28,400AUD 9,334BRL 23,980CAD 9,300CNY 47,873HKD 58,447IDR 99,525,709ILS 25,521INR 477,258KRW 7,972,212MXN 139,176MYR 29,439NZD 10,267PHP 379,042SGD 9,869THB 238,321ZAR 91,227
  • Honda FES 150 Pantheon EUR 600JPY 81,324BGN 1,173CZK 15,260DKK 4,467GBP 530HUF 185,520PLN 2,503RON 2,796SEK 5,900CHF 705NOK 5,775HRK 4,461RUB 41,599TRY 2,793AUD 918BRL 2,359CAD 915CNY 4,709HKD 5,749IDR 9,789,414ILS 2,510INR 46,943KRW 784,152MXN 13,689MYR 2,896NZD 1,010PHP 37,283SGD 971THB 23,441ZAR 8,973
  • Honda GL 1000 Gold Wing EUR 6,000JPY 813,240BGN 11,735CZK 152,598DKK 44,672GBP 5,302HUF 1,855,200PLN 25,030RON 27,956SEK 59,000CHF 7,055NOK 57,746HRK 44,611RUB 415,994TRY 27,934AUD 9,181BRL 23,587CAD 9,148CNY 47,089HKD 57,488IDR 97,894,140ILS 25,102INR 469,434KRW 7,841,520MXN 136,894MYR 28,956NZD 10,099PHP 372,828SGD 9,707THB 234,414ZAR 89,732
  • Honda CN 250 Helix EUR 550JPY 74,547BGN 1,076CZK 13,988DKK 4,095GBP 486HUF 170,060PLN 2,294RON 2,563SEK 5,408CHF 647NOK 5,293HRK 4,089RUB 38,133TRY 2,561AUD 842BRL 2,162CAD 839CNY 4,316HKD 5,270IDR 8,973,630ILS 2,301INR 43,031KRW 718,806MXN 12,549MYR 2,654NZD 926PHP 34,176SGD 890THB 21,488ZAR 8,225

Classic Motorcycles by type

An homage to the motorised bicycle

What do Adler, Geier, Mars and Anker have in common? No, they’re neither birds, nor planets nor shipping equipment. They’re four of over 600 motorcycle brands that have contributed to the development of motorized bicycles since Daimler-Maybach’s revolutionary invention of the “Reitwagen” at the end of the 19th century.
While it began as a motor-aided bicycle, the motorcycle has quickly become its own vehicle type and has gained worldwide popularity.

Let us remember some forgotten, well-remembered, classics and legends together:

German Classic Motorcycles - Pioneers of an era

Until the end of the 1950s, Express, Victoria and DKW had their spot in the motorcycle market under the “Zweirad Union” brand in Nuremberg. But hardly anyone remembers the marvellous Victoria V35 Bergmeister, that was built about 5000 times in the mid-1950s.

The German company Horex got some attention, when in 1952 the one-cylinder model Horex Regina became the best-selling 350cc-motorbike.

With the two-cylinder and 500cc Horex Imperator, Horex tried to enter the high-class motorcycle margin but did not succeed with it in the long run. Based on the Horex, former design engineer Friedel Münch developed his first “Münch-Spezial”, also called “Münch-Horex”, that was optimized for his own racing efforts. Well-remembered classics were to follow, such as the legendary Mammut, that was, besides various own developments such as the Münch-Duplex-Racing-Break, fitted with a powerful four-cylinder NSU motor.

The unforgotten Zündapp KS 601-bike-trailer-combination “Green Elephant” attracts enthusiasts in continually great numbers from all over Europe since 1956, to attend the annual “Elephant meeting” in the middle of the harsh Bavarian winter.

Producers of classic motorcycles then and now, the USA, Germany and Italy

Obviously, there are the big players, above all Harley Davidson, BMW and various Italian brands who can look back on development histories full of tradition since the early 20th century, and who, even until today, are market leaders in the segment of classic motorcycles as well as modern machines.

Who doesn’t know the Potato-Potato-Sound that powerfully comes from the pots and pipes of the Harley and that enthuses admirers from all over the world, from all generations and that infects them with the virus Flathead, Panhead, Sportster & Co.

While the 1957 Sportster Motor with its Ironhead-grey cast iron cylinder heads was a direct opponent of Norton, BSA and Triumph, Harley has today become a well-established cult brand that counts on its marketing strategy suggesting freedom, adventure and tradition.

BMW - a motorcycle producer with a unique classic status

Boxer or rubber cow – both terms are closely associated with BMW, the most tradition-rich German motorcycle brand that has produced a broad range of solid classics. It all began with the 1923 R23 that already sported a boxer motor and cardan shaft drive. Then and now, BMW models of all classes are frequently used for racing purposes.

The old R-Series and bike-trailer-combinations are often used for classic races or rallies as well as so-called veteran races. Until today, the BMW brand represents solidity and reliability. The gapless database of the Bavarians enables motorcycle owners to search in detail for technical data of their beloved vehicle and produces the exact production date as well as all technically relevant information on the vehicle, when entering the vehicle’s identification number. Development codes and type-keys give exact information about motor and manufacturer code, amongst others.

Triumph classic motorcycles - famous for their appearances on screen

Concerning image building however, it was the 50s and 60s that gave today’s historic motorcycles that certain something and the unmistakable prestige. The heyday of movies and television helped motorcycles such as the Triumph Thunderbird in “The Wild One” become legends overnight. It was also a time of competition for technical benchmarks: the world-record setting race of 1955 at Lake Bonneville in Utah (USA) brought us – after its sublime victory – the serial production of the Triumph Bonnevill – pet name “Bonnie”. Another English traditional brand’s – Norton – motorcycles stand up in the 350cc as well as the 500cc racing classes until today, priding themselves with over 40 victories at the famous road race “Isle of Man”.

Classic racing motorcycles - an Italian dream

At the topic of racing sports, a big, Italian door opens to any wholehearted writer: Giacomo Agostini alone achieved 10 world championship victories since 1966 on racing bikes by MV Agusta, built in the Italian town Varese. The Ducati 750 Supersport with upright shaft drive and the unique Desmo-positive-ventilation-steering was produced as a racing replica in the 1970s and was later enhanced to 900cc. The well-designed and shapely models from bologna proved to be uncatchable in many races. The brand Moto Guzzi also was well known from its racing successes. The “Italian Eagle” had its break-through in 1924, when it won the European Championship of the 500cc class. Classics such as the Falcone, V7 Speciale, 850 GT, the “police motorcycle” V7 California and the legendary Le Mans followed suit. Even until today, enthusiasts and dealers pilgrimage to the parts market in Mandello del Lario, once birth place of these Italian V2 classics.

Classic motorcylces from Japan - a successful latecomer

The Japanese were not amongst the first to develop high quality motorcycles, but the landscape of motorcycles can’t be imagined without them. Harley Davidson opened its first production site in Japan in 1924 already and quickly broadened its network of dealers in Japan, delivering their motorcycles built in Milwaukee/Wisconsin even to the Japanese Military. With the deterioration of the Yen, the Japanese started producing their own, inexpensive machines, introducing the Rikuo in 1934. Many more were to follow. It was not on rare occasions, that – supported by the Japanese Government – European standards were used as “mentors” for the Japanese copies. BSA, Victoria, Indian, BMW and DKW received Japanese twin replicas – a reputation that sticks with them until today. Meguro, Lilac, Cabton, Marusho and Yamaha emerged.

In the late 60s and early 70s, the Japanese models – heretically called “rice bowls” – started to stir up the European market and racing sports and became serious competitors to the well-established brands, even for private buyers. Noteworthy classics that have become popular outside Europe as well are the Yamaha XT 500, Honda CB 750 Four, Kawasaki Z1 and the Suzuki GS 750.

Café Racers, the Isle of Man race and other classic cult motorcycles

Imagine, you throw a coin into the slot of the jukebox at your favourite café and have to make a hell of a ride around the next lock and be back at the start before the song ends. Welcome to the world of Café Racers, the misfits, the Rockers! The 60s were wild and revolutionary: it was cool to be different and original and only a few recognizable bits remained on the serial motorbikes of the time. Lowered stump-handlebars, open exhaust systems and a flat racing position through the repositioning of the footrests were the answers to the uniformity of mass production. The motorcycle became an important scene element and was styled to the point of unrecognizability.

Especially English brands such as Norton, BSA and Triumph were – referring to the racing machines of the TT Isle of man – modified. Later, many renowned producers such as BMW as well as the Italian companies Benelli and Moto Guzzi took up the style of the Café Racers and developed special editions based on their own models which were very well received.

Motorcyclists then and now are connected through a passion that is not only based on the wind blowing through their hair or the thrill of speed. Freedom, adventure, individualism – a conglomerate of terms that defines the spleen for the motorized bicycle. There are motorcycle clubs for all brands, enthusiast’s meetings and organized rides. Quite a few hit the racetracks on the weekends, hunting for the best lap times. The DHM is one of the most important contact points for keen classic racers. There are many noteworthy events where enthusiasts compete with their classic motorcycles of all classes.

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