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1986 | Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3

1986 Porsche 911 930 Turbo '86



  • Porsche’s flagship
    - Apotheosis of German design prowess
    - Proven design

    The Porsche 911 is the exception that proves the rule ‘to all good things comes an end’. This contemporary and luxurious, yet sporty, German sportscar was released in 1963. To this day, they are still being produced in large numbers. Also a range of variants has been developed to offer a tailor-made product range. Although the 911 has been refined over the decades, the basic design – which is recognisable and thus excellently done – has generally remained unchanged. This pragmatic and contemporary approach only Porsche could ever succeed in.

    The 911 is the successor to the Porsche 356 and was designed by Ferdinand Porsche - the grandson of Porsche’s founder – and presented at the Frankfurt Auto Show in the autumn of 1963. In 1964, the first models were delivered to customers, and due to its great success, the 911 was soon expanded: a cheaper 912, a faster 911S and the rollbar equipped and extremely safe convertible Targa were released. This Targa was named after a Sicilian race that was year by year won by Porsche.

    Initially, this car would be called the Porsche 901, but Peugeot became the headwind as their models were named by a three-digit number with a 0 in the middle. ‘Don’t worry’, said Porsche and they replaced the 0 with a 1. The evergreen Porsche 911 was born. After that, there was still Porsche cars built that were named with a three-digit number with a 0 in the middle, however those were exclusively intended for racing and circuit purposes, not for public roads.

    Undoubtedly, the 911 has been modified over the years; as durable a design may be, times change, and cars do too. Porsche has always been prepared for changes and innovation. They gradually increased the engine displacement, the power and the size. The biggest mechanical change was the transition from air cooled engines to water cooled engine. Water cooled engines ensure an evenly cooled engine, which results in uniform combustion, which than results by a lower emission and better fuel economy.

    Porsche 911 930

    The 911 930 is the reference for the first turbocharged 911 on the market, and it was warmly received by enthusiasts. As the first turbocharged Porsche 911, it was able to attract many enthusiasts to the showroom, and during its entire production period from 1975 to 1989, just under 22,000 units were sold.

    The 911 was already praised for both its fantastic performance and its design that is almost impossible to improve upon. Nevertheless, Porsche, being the perfectionists they are, continues to refine the 911 and also experiments with turbos on their now world-famous six-cylinder boxer engine. The first of these was introduced in 1975, making it the fastest car on the market in Germany at that time, which is the ultimate car country.

    Initially, the 930 was equipped with a three-liter engine, which was bored out to 3.3 liters in 1978. This modification also included an intercooler.

    Scaling up the proven 911 design to another level has proven to be successful, that's for sure. The 930 further elevated Porsche's already excellent reputation. It is also very beloved and well-known among enthusiasts and will remain an evergreen.

    Technical information:

    Body work

    - Length (cm): 429 (169 inch)
    - Width (cm): 178 (70 inch)
    - Height (cm): 131 (52 inch)
    - Wheelbase (cm): 227 (89 inch)
    - Weight (kg): 1350 (2976 lbs)


    - Engine: turbocharged flat-six 3299 cc rear-engine with intercooler
    - Valve gear: 12
    - Fuel system: Bosch K-Jetronic
    - Gear box: 4-speed manual
    - Transmission: RWD
    - Left-steered
    - power: 300 hp (210 kW) at 5500 t/m
    - torque: 377 Nm at 4000 t/m
    - Top speed: 249 km/h (155 mph)

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911 Turbo 3.3
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92,440 km
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Not provided
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Left (LHD)
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