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The Chevrolet 210 is a mid-range car that was designed and manufactured by Chevrolet between 1953 and 1957. The car replaced the Styleline Deluxe, which was available previously and the designation ‘210’ was applied sporadically in the company’s literature. For the Chevrolet 210, Chevrolet approved many of its assembly points to produce the car since it was among major products the company was offering in that period. Some of the assembly points used in the production of the Chevrolet 210 include: Oakland Assembly, California; Flint Assembly, Michigan; North Tarrytown Assembly, New York and Oshawa Assembly, Ontario Canada.

History of the Chevrolet 210

The Chevrolet 210 model made its debut into the market in 1953 to replace the Styleline Deluxe model. This was the best-selling car of the era between 1953 and 1954. The Chevrolet 210 was designed to offer luxury and style, one of the reasons many buyers preferred the model to the previous cars Chevrolet produced, hence the upsurge in sales during the period the Chevrolet 210 was in production. Despite the great look and feel, the car was less costly compared to the glitzy Bel Air. There was a wide variety of body options for the model: Sport, convertible, coupe hardtop, four- and two-door sedans, and station wagons. The American market is among regions that bought the Chevrolet 210, and this was inspired by the sudden change in preferences, which included the preference for posh over economy over.

This inspired Chevrolet to introduce the Chevrolet 210 sport sedan, which was released in 1956. Although the cars did not match the sales target placed on them, they were slightly cheaper ($100 cheaper) than previous Bel Airs. The previous 150 series came with manual transmission, but the Chevrolet 210, owing to the fact it was designed with focus on luxury, included several automatic transmissions, power windows as well as seat adjusters. The manual transmission versions of the Chevrolet 210 ran on a 3-speed configuration, while the automatic transmission version of the car used the 2-speed powerglide technology. The engine ratings were different with versions in the Chevrolet 210 series. The first release included a 140 horsepower Blue Flame engine, which was l6 rated. The car also used an OHV V8 Turbo-Fire engine, which produced upwards of 170 horsepower. Other engines in the sports category produced as much as 210 horsepower, with the highest packing 225 horsepower.

Chevrolet 210 Today

Most people who own Chevrolet 210 have kept the car as a collectors item, simply because the design was unique and not many people got the chance to enjoy the cars. Some models have become more valuable than they were at time of manufacture, simply because they are rare classics that many would like to experience.

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