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The Chevrolet AK Series was a range of robust, light-duty commercial two-door pick-up trucks manufactured by Chevrolet (General Motors) from 1941 to 1947. Prepared for the extra demands of WW2, the Chevrolet AK Series was designed for both strength and versatility: trucks were available in a choice of transmissions and with two different engines. It was replaced in 1947 with the heavier Advance Design.

History of the Chevrolet AK Series

The Chevrolet AK series was built on the GM A platform shared by a number of contemporary vehicles including the Chevrolet Deluxe. It was also rebranded and sold by GMC with a slightly different front grill comprised of horizontal instead of vertical bars. In terms of appearance, the Chevrolet AK Series was dramatically modern: with its large rugged frame, partially sunken headlights and streamlined design it broke away from Chevrolet’s traditional lines and differed from other pick-ups at the time which closely resembled passenger cars. With the outbreak of World War Two, vehicular strength and versatility was vital and Chevrolet designed the Chevrolet AK Series to broaden its range of commercial trucks and meet demand from both the military and civilian markets.

Standard Models and Variations of the Chevrolet AK Series

The standard engine was the same as some Chevrolet passenger cars at 216.5 cubic inches and with 90 bhp. A larger, heavy-duty engine was also available at 235.5 cubic inches and with 93 bhp but with significantly greater torque. Optional extras included a heater and windscreen wipers. The pick-up boxes were constructed from heavy steel with wooden floors that were reinforced with steel skid strips making them incredibly strong and durable. In addition, the tailgates were also steel-reinforced though driver comfort was kept in mind as they were fitted with an “anti-rattle fastening”, according to brochures.

All models were front-engine rear-wheel-drive like most of its contemporaries. Standard three-speed synchromesh gearboxes could be upgraded to four-speed or, for heavier-duty models, a sliding-gear four-speed was also available. The Chevrolet AK Series was available in either ½ ton or ¾ ton models. Although very different in looks to passenger cars, comfort remained a priority as the seating was wide and springy using coil springs covered by a latex-bound hair pad. Windshields could also be opened by a crank to provide better ventilation.

The Chevrolet AK Series Today

Although discontinued in 1947, the Chevrolet AK Series is now very popular on the collectors’ market, partly because of its striking art-décor design and availability of parts. It shared some of its mechanical features with the Chevrolet Suburban station-wagon, produced from 1935 and still available world-wide.

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