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The Buick Special was a low-price model, initially launched as a full-size model but later reintroduced as a mid-size model. The first version of the Buick Special was launched in 1936 and, as a standalone model, the Special ceased production in 1969. Between 1975 and 1979 and again between 1991 and 1996 the Buick Special marque was used on the entry level Century models but hasn’t been used since.

The First Buick Special

In 1936, the first iteration of the Buick Special was launched as an evolution of the discontinued Series 50, which was an updated variant of the Series 40. For a number of years after the launch of the Special, it was still known by many as the Series 40. The 1936 Buick Special, which proved a very popular model, was a full size but low priced car. In 1939, the range underwent a major design overhaul and in 1941 the only four door convertible variation of the Special was launched. Only 552 of the Sport Phaeton were produced.

Buick Special Changes

Production ceased during the war and was limited in 1946. Only a 4 door sedan and a 2 door alternative remained in production between this period and 1949. In 1949, another impactful redesign was introduced along with additional models. The Special DeLuxe was a better equipped version of the car, and a 2 door coupe was added in 1951. More powerful V8 engines were introduced in 1954 and 1955 saw the first four door pillarless hardtop, further cementing the Buick Special’s place as one of the most popular American ranges of cars ever made.

Major Overhaul Of The Buick Special

There was a 2 year break in production of the Special between 1959 and 1961 but a brand new unibody design resulted from this hiatus. 1964 saw another significant change, with a new design leading to the Special being classified as being of an intermediate size. Both the V6 and V8 model engines were both increased in power. In 1968, the Special was dropped, while the Special DeLuxe followed in 1969. Realistically, this was the end of the Buick Special line.

The Buick Special Name

The Buick Century Special was the name given to the entry level model of the 1975 Century range, and this was used until 1977, but it was only a trim level, rather than a model of the car. Many people still referred to this as the Buick Special, however. Buick used the same name for the same Century line between 1991 and 1996, but the Special moniker has not been used at all since then.

Buick Special History

The Buick Special started out as a full-size, low cost line of cars and became one of the bestselling lines in US automotive history. It was redesigned in the 1960s to a compact car, and had ceased production by 1970. The Special name has been used since, but only as the base trim option for the Century model.

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