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The Bentley R-Type was a luxury car produced by Bentley between the years of 1952 and 1955. Known for its sense of elegance and class, the R-Type proved to be quite a popular model during the post-war years.

History and Design Characteristics

Many enthusiasts consider the Bentley R-Type to be a direct reflection of the earlier Mark VI; one of the main differences being a larger boot. This Bentley model is likewise viewed as a "middle model" until the introduction of the S series in 1955. The most notable physical characteristic of the Bentley R-Type is the fact that the front end was exactly the same as the previous Mark VI. As mentioned previously, the size of the boot was nearly doubled. This was introduced to emphasise the touring advantages of this Bentley version. A final interesting annotation is that some buyers were able to enjoy customised coachwork for the interior and exterior; many preferring the familiar pre-war lines and shapes. Therefore, the R-Type was a reflection of the Mark VI in many ways.

Performance Characteristics

The Bentley R-Type was clocked in 1953 at an impressive top speed of 101.7 miles per hour (163.6 kilometres per hour) An acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour was officially measured at 1.25 seconds. The Bentley R-Type consumed an average of 15.5 miles per imperial gallon (18.2 litres per 100 kilometres). This was quite respectable for luxury cars manufactured within the post-war era.

The R-Type Continental

This Bentley R-Type was simply another version of the original model that was built for high-performance needs. Most notably, it was found to be the fastest four-seat vehicle of its time. The Continental was seen to be more aerodynamic when compared to the original Bentley R-Type and its fastback coupe shape allowed it to be a popular high-end vehicle during the 1950s. The addition of rear fins was a primary difference between this version and previous models. These were intended to stabilise the vehicle at high speeds. Still, only 207 models of the Continental were ever produced and despite its pronounced speed, it was publicised mainly within the domestic marketplace. This rarity enabled a Bentley R-Type Continental to be sold at auction for over $1 million dollars in 2012.

Facts and Figures

A total of 2,323 Bentley R-Type models were manufactured between 1952 and 1955. This includes the aforementioned 207 Continentals during the same time frame. The R-Type was equipped with a 4.7-litre straight-six engine which produced an estimated 130 horsepower. Interestingly enough, both manual and automatic transmissions were available. This was another option that was considered rather rare for its time.

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