Citroën Acadiane Classic Cars for Sale

The Citroën Acadiane is a compact commercial vehicle produced by Citroën between 1977 and 1987 and was based on the earlier model the Citroën Dyane. The name itself was a pun on the fact that Citroën used the abbreviated prefix AK for their light utility vehicles, so AK Dyane became Acadiane. The Citroën Acadiane was the precursor to many light utility and mixed utility vehicles that exist today including the Berlingo.

The History of the Citroën Acadiane

Production of the Citroën Acadiane began in 1977 and the new light commercial vehicle was based on Citroën's supermini, the Dyane and replaced Citroën's 2CV utility as the companies primary light utility vehicle. The Citroën Acadiane was equipped with a modest carrying capacity in place of the rear seats and also sported a more heavy duty suspension as well as an altered chassis and a rear break limiter that worked dependant on the load. As well as the utility aspects, the Citroën Acadiane also had wind down windows in place of the Dyane's horizontal sliding windows. The maximum payload of the Citroën Acadiane was roughly 500kg although, under a full load the handling was impaired. Production of the Citroën Acadiane continued up until 1987 and in total Citroën sold around 250k units. The most popular years for the vehicle were 1979 and 1980, after which sales dropped steadily until the Citroën Acadiane was discontinued. Citroën replaced the Citroën Acadiane with the C15 which had been in production since 1984 but took over as the main model of light utility vehicle for the company upon the Acadiane's discontinuation.

Special Editions of the Citroën Acadiane

The Citroën Acadiane was available in a mixte form which added a removable seat to the rear compartment. This model also had a sliding rear window and a passenger side sun visor that wasn't present in the utility version. This option for an adaptive mixed light utility vehicle was taken up by many car manufacturers and you can see it in a lot of models even to this day, most notably the Berlingo.

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