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The Chevrolet Capitol was an American motor car that was built by Chevrolet in 1927. This was a car that was specially constructed as a direct rival to the Ford Motor Company. It was put in the showrooms the same year as Ford brought out the Model A as a replacement for the iconic Model T. The American market for cars at the time was highly competitive and the Chevrolet Capitol helped reduce Ford's dominance of the home and international market.

The history of the Chevrolet Capitol

The Chevrolet Capitol was designed and built by American giants General Motors (GM). It was constructed on the successful GM 'A' platform in the US, Canada, Argentina, and Belgium. By the time that its production run was terminated, 678,540 Chevrolet Capitol units had been sold. It was replaced by the Chevrolet Series AB National. The Chevrolet Capitol had a four-cylinder 2.8-litre engine, with a three-speed manual transmission.

Interesting Facts about the Chevrolet Capitol

The Chevrolet Capitol was the most successful selling car in the US, in 1927. It made inroads into Ford's dominance of the American showrooms. The 1927 Chevy sparked a rivalry between the two automobile giants that still continues today. The Chevrolet Capitol was noted as a 'good' car, but experts believed that the only reason it overtook Ford for the first time, was because Ford had closed the Model T production line in readiness for the Model A. It was this change that helped Chevrolet sell as many cars as it did that year. This was also the year that the three-millionth Chevrolet rolled off the production line.

The Chevrolet Capitol was produced as a replacement for the Superior and came in eight different body styles. It was marketed by Chevy as "The Most Beautiful Chevrolet Ever." The differences between the old Superior and the Chevrolet Capitol included 'fully crowned' fenders, new radiator shell, and 'bullet-style' headlamps. All of the engines used in the Chevrolet Capitol had oil filters as standard as well as air filters. The body, however, did not change very much and greatly resembled the Superior.

A Chevrolet Capitol sport cabriolet was sold but was not considered to be a verified convertible. It had a soft-top that was non-folding with a back curtain that could be opened for communication between passengers in the back and the driver.

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