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The Cadillac V-63 was a luxury car manufactured by the Cadillac Motor Car Division in September 1923 by which time the company was part of General Motors. It was designed to replace the Cadillac Type V-61. The Cadillac V-63 was built at the Detroit Michigan factory between 1923 and 1924.

The Design of the Cadillac V-63

The chief engineer at General Motors whilst the Cadillac V-63 was produced was Ernest W. Seaholm. The Cadillac V-63 replaced the previous Type 61 which was sold from 1922-23. The Cadillac V-63 sold for between three and five thousand dollars dependent on the type of Fisher body chosen. The new Cadillac V-63 was initially available in eleven different body types including a five seat Sedan model and two seat coupe version. The most popular model was the four seat Phaeton which also happened to be the least expensive model. By early 1924 a seven seat Sedan was also made available along with two other newer body types. The main difference between the Type 61 and Cadillac V-63 were cosmetic alterations including a longer front bonnet, the incorporation of four-wheel brakes and the introduction of the General Motors new V-8 engine.

The Cadillac V-63 V-8 Engine

The Cadillac V-8 engine was innovative and unusual in design and proved a fore-runner in engine design throughout the car industry into the late 1930s. Until this engine was introduced in the Cadillac V-63, it was normal for all four crankpins in an engine to be on one-plane, similar to a four cylinder engine. However, the V-8 had two crankpins that were positioned at 90-degrees to each other. Once the motion of the crankpins had been counter-balanced by weights, this 'L'-shape layout gave a very smooth running engine whilst also reducing the stress on the main bearing. The V-8 engine of the Cadillac V-63 was also more compact than previous engines.

Popularity of the Cadillac V-63

Cadillac was known as the most prestigious luxury car manufacturer in America long before it was taken over by General Motors so the conservatively designed Cadillac V-63 was greeted positively when it was launched in September 1923. Between 1923 and 1924 approximately 35,500 Cadillac V-63 cars were manufactured at the Detroit factory with a similar number of sales. Manufacture of the Type V-63 ceased in 1925.

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