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The Buick Model 10 made its way into the market in 1908 and the model was produced until 1910, when it was replaced by the Buick Special series. In 1907, during the New York Automobile Show, Buck displayed the Buick Model 10, and the car would later get into production for the three years that followed. Although the production period did not last long, the Buick Model 10 is among most remembered models in the automotive history. The car was manufactured amid financial panic that threatened the stability of the company in 1907, and it turned out the Buick Model 10 was a success for the company.

History and specifications of the Buick Model 10

The Buick Model 10 is a base model manufactured by Buick between 1907 and 1910 and would later be transformed into different generations. This was the lowest-priced Buick model and it belonged to the Buick Model B series. At the time the Buick Model 10 was manufactured, the Ford Model T was also taking shape, so there was a bit of competition between the two models, but the car performed remarkably well. It attracted a good number of sales in its three years, totaling 23,100 copies. This would rank Buick as the second best automaker in the United States at the time, and more companies were looking for ways to advance their technology in the motoring industry to cover the huge gap that existed. More electrical and safety features were needed to make the model better and to cater for the demands in the market.

One of the things that inspired Buick to proceed with the production of Buick Model 10 in other forms is the fact this is the model that saved the company from financial turmoil that threatened its stability. The engine technology used for the Buick Model 10 included an inline 4-cylinder, valve-in-head engine that would produce 22.5 horsepower. The Buick Model 10, together with the Model D and 17 were a successful choice for the racing category, winning more than 500 races between 1908 and 1910. Despite the success the Buick Model 10 displayed, the company chose to discontinue the model in 1910 to pave way for highly powered and more expensive models. This was one of the misguided decisions the company made at the time as it cost the company its position in the market, slipping to the fifth place in the year that followed.

Buick Model 10 succession

After the discontinuation of the Buick Model 10, the company ventured in the production of full-size models. This series was replaced by the Buick Special generation that ran from 1930 to 1996. The Series 40 was the first to hit the market in the new generation, and the car came with a 4,220 cc six-cylinder engine.

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