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1968 | Rolls-Royce MPW DHC

1968 Rolls Royce Rolls-Royce Mulliner Park Ward Convertible

81.689 €


This impressive Rolls Royce MPW Convertible was ordered on the 26th September 1967 and supplied new by Jack Barclay Ltd in Conduit Street, London W1. The warranty acknowledgment states it was supplied to a A.F Roger Esq in London and interestingly the car was ordered without its top paint coat, 'body to be painted to Guide-Coat stage' is stated on the build sheet. The Rolls Royce was later exported, spending its early life overseas.

In 1989 the Rolls Royce returned from overseas with a recorded mileage of 81,616 and was registered with the private plate 5060 FD. After three years and over 2500 miles, the Rolls Royce was sold to its next owner in Stoke on Trent where it stayed for nine years covering around 7000 miles. In 2002, the Rolls Royce headed to Cheshire and the car spent the majority of the past 21 years covering less than 4000 miles, taking the mileage to little over 94000. When changing hands in 2002, it was mechanically overhauled that included major work to the braking system and hydraulics, suspension, heating system and four replacement window motors.

From 2005, the Rolls Royce was put through a program of cosmetic work that has been well documented. A body restoration firm in Cheshire replaced both outer sills, rear wheel arches, rear lower quarter panels and front wing lower sections. They also carried out fabrication work to the rear valance, inner sill ends, inner wheel arches and rear wing inner panels ahead of a full re-paint and various new trims, seals, badges, mouldings and rubbers were fitted. A coach trimming company carried out a full re-trim and further mechanical work included a new brake pump, rear discs and pads, anti-roll bar bushes, rear dampers and exhaust system. Having had very little use and low mileage in recent years, the MPW in 2021 was taken to a Rolls Royce specialists and invoices for the work total almost £9800. The Rolls Royce was fully serviced/re-commissioned and new parts included four brake caliper flexi hoses, rear brake pads, parking brake pads, handbrake springs, new brake pump, brake pump seal kit, two accumulator valve body kits, two accumulator sphere kits, low pressure return hoses, drive shaft boots, lower steering column boot, fuel hoses, new indicator stalk and two new window motors. Various brake and hydraulic pipes including the master cylinder/distribution valves, rear height control and rear subframe were treated and cleaned, and all brake calipers were stripped down and re-sealed.

In early 2023 a further program of work totalling a further £10,000 was carried out and included new seat motors, rebuilt steering column, new water pump, new under bonnet pads, rear brake pads, handbrake pads, RH and LH rear hub assemblies, new window mechanism bush, front wheel bearings kit and a major service. Having had the recent level of re-commissioning, the Rolls Royce feels excellent on the road and is in strong mechanical condition. BWA 438G looks impressive and imposing with a straight bodyshell and lovely, well presented paintwork, impressive chrome, woodwork and upholstery including mohair hood. This is a very usable MPW Convertible that is finished in a stunning, striking colour combination.

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Serie di modelli
Silver Shadow
Prima immatricolazione
Non fornito
Anno di fabbricazione
1 mls
Numero di telaio
Non fornito
Numero del motore
Non fornito
Numero del cambio
Non fornito
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Numero di proprietari precedenti
Non fornito

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Tipo carrozzeria
Cabriolet (2 Volumi)
Potenza (kW/CV)
Cilindrata (ccm)
Posizione volante
Non fornito
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