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1939 | BMW 327

1939 BMW 327 '39



  • Belgian car
    - Rarely seen in this overall good condition
    - BMW history at its finest

    The BMW 327 was built from 1937 to 1941. It is a not atypical sporty coupé or convertible that is meant to be very efficient and aerodynamic. Only approx. 2.000 units were produced in four years. After the WWII, BMW decided to restart production, and about 500 more models were made using rapidly advancing German technology. The BMW 327 was at the forefront of the concept of German automotive know-how.

    BMW owes the design of the 327 to Fritz Fiedler, an engineer and designer who had previously worked at Auto Union (now Audi). The design had to be elegant and prestigious, yet a sporty streamline could not be ignored as aerodynamics was an innovative factor among car manufacturers in the interwar period. The chassis was a shortened version of the chassis of its predecessor, the BMW 326. Also, the engine was the same one as the predecessor’s engine: a 1971 cc in-line-six engine that delivers 55 hp to the rear wheels. There is four manual gears to shift between and a top speed of 125 km/h is achieved, which is quite fast for a car from that time. The car was produced as a coupé and as a convertible, both of which are very rare interwar classics and true collector’s items.

    During the war, this car was mainly used by diplomats and politicians of the Allies to move around. For example, Hitler's wife, Eva Braun, was a big fan of the BMW 327.

    After World War II, the BMW factory in Eisenach was taken over by the Soviets. They decided to bring a very similar derivative of the 327 to the market, named the EMW 327. The logo is the same as that of BMW, but EMW's logo is red instead of blue. The EMW 327 was produced in very limited quantities, until 1955 about 500 cars were manufactured.

    Due to the unique design that gave rise to German class and German car know-how, the car has become a true icon among interwar cars, and many others, and is highly sought after by classic car enthusiasts and collectors. In total, only 2.000 were produced, and eight decades after the end of production, there are unfortunately few remaining. For that reason, a BMW 327 is a great investment.

    Technical information:

    Body work

    - Length (cm): 450 (180 inch)
    - Width (cm): 160 (63 inch)
    - Height (cm): 143 (56 inch)
    - Wheelbase (cm): 275 (108 inch)
    - Weight (kg): 1100 (2400 lbs)


    - Engine: in-line six-cylinder 1971 cc front-engine
    - Valve gear: 12
    - Fuel system: 1 Solex 30 JF carburettor
    - Gear box: 4-speed manual
    - Transmission: RWD
    - Left-steered
    - power: 55 hp (40 kW) at 3750 t/m
    - torque: 122 Nm at 2500 t/m
    - Top speed: 125 km/h (78 mph)

Vehicle details

Vehicle data

Model name
Manufacturer code
Typ 327
First registration date
Not provided
Year of manufacture
Mileage (read)
51,646 km
Chassis number
Not provided
Engine number
Not provided
Gearbox number
Not provided
Matching numbers
Previous owners
Not provided

Technical details

Body style
Power (kW/hp)
Cubic capacity (ccm)
Left (LHD)
Front brakes
Rear brakes
Fuel type

Individual configuration

Exterior color
Manufacturer color name
Interior color
Interior material

Condition, registration & documentation

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