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The famous Volkswagen Transporter was born from the hugely successful, and very popular Volkswagen Beetle. The Transporter was a Volkswagen Type 2 (labelled model T1) and was the first design of Volkswagen's Transporter family. The range goes from a T type, to the current range of the T6.

The Transporter is without a doubt the best-selling van in history. Sales of the transporter come in at over twelve million units sold throughout the world. The transporter range is not just a work van, there are a number of different varieties from vans and minivans, to passenger carrying minibuses, as well as pick-up trucks and camper-vans.

The history of the Volkswagen Transporter

The first edition of the Volkswagen was called the type 2. As it had a unique split windshield, it has been dubbed the Microbus, Splitscreen, or Splittie by modern day followers. It was first available for purchase in March 1950, with the final availability of the Type 2 being offered for sale at the end of the 1967 year.

Between the years of 1950 and 1956, the T1 (it had not been named this at the time) was manufactured in Wolfsburg, however in 1956, a brand new Transporter factory was opened in Hanover. Following on from the success of the Beetle, the Transporter utilised the same technology. This technology that featured in the first Transporters used the 1100 Volkswagen air-cooled engine, which had an air-cooled flat-four-cylinder 'boxer' engine mounted at the back of the van. An upgrade was featured in 1953, to a 1,192cc engine.

Following on from the popularity of the T1, Volkswagen launched the T2 version. It was marketed and sold from 1967 through to 1979. All versions of the T2 were sold with a Volkswagen Type 4 engine as an optional extra from 1972. The main difference between the T1 and the T2 was the fact the Transporter lost its distinctive split screen, as well as the T2 having a larger engine, a greater cargo carrying capacity and being a heavier version.

The Volkswagen Type 2 (which was the model type T3), was known as the T25. This was marketed and sold as the Vanagon in America. The T3 was one of the last new Volkswagen platforms that utilised the air-cooled engine system.

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Image 1/16 of Volkswagen T3 Bus L 2.0 (1981)
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1981 | Volkswagen T3 Bus L 2.0


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Image 1/39 of Volkswagen T3 Caravelle Carat Oettinger wbx6 (1989)
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Image 1/14 of Volkswagen T1 Samba (1965)
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1965 | Volkswagen T1 Samba

COMBI T1 21 fenêtres deluxe français

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Private seller
VW T3 Diesel Westfalia Joker mit Hochdach  -Top-Zustand-
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1981 | Volkswagen T3 Westfalia 1.6

T3 Westfalia Joker mit Hochdach

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Image 1/14 of Volkswagen T3 Camping 1.6 TD (1987)
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Image 1/9 of Volkswagen T2b pickup (1978)
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1978 | Volkswagen T2b pickup

VOLKSWAGEN T2 21 AS Furgone - Restaurato - ASI

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Image 1/20 of Volkswagen T2b panel van (1977)
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1977 | Volkswagen T2b panel van

Deu. Auslieferung, vollständig restauriert, Flachboxer, Historie, Zertifikat

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Image 1/16 of Volkswagen T1 Samba 1.2 (1961)
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1961 | Volkswagen T1 Samba 1.2

T1 Samba * 23 - windows * 8 seats * project to finish *

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Image 1/43 of Volkswagen T3 Transporter TD 1.6 (1987)
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1987 | Volkswagen T3 Transporter TD 1.6

Volkswagen Transporter T3 1.6 TD Turbo Diesel

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Image 1/50 of Volkswagen T2b minibus (1974)
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1974 | Volkswagen T2b minibus

9 posti - restauro totale - motore nuovo - meccanica revisionata

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