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Bugatti Type 57

The Bugatti Type 57 and other models which evolved from this groundbreaking design were the product of vehicle specialist, Jean Bugatti. The Bugatti Type 57's were first built in 1934 and continued to be developed and manufactured until 1940. During this 6 year manufacturing period, only 710 vehicles were produced. During this time, the luxury vehicle market had declined significantly. This was a time of financial depression, and most vehicle companies were looking to cut costs. The Bugatti was not a cost effective car to produce and will have taken considerable commitment to attempt to build one of the world’s most famous cars during a time of such austerity.

The Bugatti Type 57 made supercar history

Jean Bugatti started his career during World War I at Alsace, a company taken over by the French at the end of the war. In a short space of time, he demonstrated his ability in the design of vehicles. He went on to produce the Bugatti Type 57, designed with three bodies (Atlantic, Stelvio, and Ventoux).With its 8 cylinder in-line engine, Stromberg carburetor, shaft driven drive and only 950kgs in weight, this was a very powerful vehicle. The Bugatti Type 57 went on to become very famous cars within the sporting industry, Bugatti became competition involved, especially within the grand touring arena.

The Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic model was a mark for the history books

Probably the most prominent of the Bugatti Type 57 models was the Atlantic. It housed a powerful engine, low stance and was very lightweight. All this combined, the Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic became one of the world's first supercars and was capable of speeds of up to 123 mph. This was the first car to use fins as a mechanism to improve the dynamics of the vehicle, the model was demonstrated as a potential sports model at the 1935 Motor Show in Paris. Today, this vehicle is so rare that the value of the car has escalated massively. In 2009, a discovered Bugatti Type 57 was sold at auction, it sold for a massive 3.4 million euros, equating to around 2.5 million British pounds.