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Ferrari 250 GT (1960)

For sale at the Classic Cars Pop-Up Store 2021 @ www.ccpu.store

700.000 EUR91.392.000 JPY1.369.060 BGN18.143.300 CZK5.205.550 DKK602.455 GBP251.776.000 HUF3.202.920 PLN3.442.950 RON7.165.200 SEK773.080 CHF105.280.000 ISK7.037.450 NOK5.303.410 HRK64.635.130 RUB6.805.890 TRY1.090.670 AUD4.650.800 BRL1.048.740 CAD5.443.270 CNY6.476.890 HKD12.113.297.000 IDR2.746.520 ILS61.857.250 INR929.635.000 KRW16.806.370 MXN3.436.930 MYR1.183.490 NZD40.575.500 PHP1.114.190 SGD26.100.200 THB12.096.210 ZAR

Angeboten für: 700.000 EUR

  • Ferrari 250 GT
  • Ferrari 250 GT
  • Ferrari 250 GT
  • Ferrari 250 GT
  • Ferrari 250 GT
  • Ferrari 250 GT
  • Ferrari 250 GT
  • Ferrari 250 GT
  • Ferrari 250 GT
  • Ferrari 250 GT
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  • Classic Cars Pop-Up Store 2021
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Anfrage zum Ferrari 250 GT (1960) | Fahrzeug-ID: 233261

Merken Gemerkt
  • Fahrzeugdaten
  • Beschreibung
  • Zustand
  • Marke Ferrari
  • Modell 250
  • Modellbezeichnung 250 GT
  • Baureihe n.a.
  • Baujahr 1960
  • Fahrgestellnummer 1567GT
  • Getriebenummer n.a.
  • Gutachten n.a.
  • Zustandskategorie n.a.
  • Tachostand (abgelesen) 353 mls
  • Anzahl Vorbesitzer n.a.
  • Erstzulassung 01/1960
  • Motornummer n.a.
  • Matching numbers n.a.

Technische Details

  • Karosserieform Coupé
  • Leistung (kW/PS) 177/240
  • Hubraum (ccm) 2.953
  • Zylinder 12
  • Türen 2
  • Lenkung Links
  • Getriebe Manuell
  • Gänge 5
  • Antrieb Heck
  • Bremse Front Scheibe
  • Bremse Heck Scheibe
  • Kraftstoff Benzin

Individuelle Konfiguration

  • Außenfarbe Grau
  • Herstellerfarbbezeichnung -
  • Schiebedach Nein
  • Faltdach Nein
  • Servolenkung Nein
  • Zentralverriegelung Nein
  • Elektrische Fensterheber Nein
  • Innenfarbe Beige
  • Innenmaterial Leder
  • Sitzheizung Nein
  • Klimaanlage Nein
  • ABS Nein
  • Airbag Nein
  • Tempomat Nein

This classic is currently for sale at the Classic Cars Pop-Up Store 2021 in Druten, Netherlands. Please contact us for further information. Digital live-viewings are possible upon request.

Please book an appointment on the Metropole Druten Website if you wish to have a look at the event in person.

Book an appointment:


* Delivered new to the USA
* Left-hand drive
* Landmark Ferrari model
* Repainted by Carrosserie Lecoq in 2013
* Engine fully rebuilt in 2014
* Ferrari Classiche certified

This example was despatched to the USA in November 1959. Finished in its original colour of Grigio Conchiglia, with tan leather interior, chassis number '1567' is the 19th of 147 Series IIs built. The car has benefited from considerable expenditure in recent years, with various works undertaken by Maranello Rosso of Madrid and Carrosserie
Lecoq of Paris, the latter treating the Ferrari to a bare metal repaint in 2013 costing in excess of €18,000. 

In 2014, the engine was completely overhauled by marque specialists Joe Macari Servicing Ltd of London. The motor was rebuilt around a new and correct replacement cylinder block, supplied by Ferrari, while the original cylinder heads, crankshaft, and connecting rods were retained. At the same time, the cylinder heads were modified to accept coil valve springs, replacing the original hairpin type, an arrangement adopted by Ferrari on the 128F version of Colombo's versatile V12. Other works carried out included sourcing a correct set of carburettors (from the USA) and fitting a correct set of Borrani wire wheels shod with new Pirelli Cinturato tyres. The all-important Ferrari Classiche certification was then obtained, the cost of all these works amounting to more than £120,000 (bills on file).

A wonderful opportunity to acquire a fine example of this landmark, yet undervalued, Ferrari Gran Turismo that helped cement Maranello's fruitful relationship with CarrozzeriaPininfarina.

By the early 1960s, road car production had ceased to be a sideline for Ferrari and was seen as vitally important to the company's future stability. Thus the 250, Ferrari's first volume-produced model, can be seen as critically important, though production of the first of the line - the 250 Europa, built from 1953 to '54 - amounted to fewer than 20. Before the advent of the Europa, Ferrari had built road-going coupés and convertibles in small numbers, usually to special customer order using a sports-racing chassis as the basis. Ghia and Vignale of Turin, and Touring of Milan were responsible for bodying many of these but there was no attempt at standardisation for series production and no two cars were alike. 

The introduction of the 250 Europa heralded a significant change in Ferrari's preferred coachbuilder; whereas previously Vignale had been the most popular carrozzeria among Maranello's customers, from now on Pinin Farina (later 'Pininfarina') would be Ferrari's number one choice, bodying no fewer than 48 out of the 53 Europa/Europa GTs built. Pinin Farina's experiments eventually crystallised in a new Ferrari 250 GT road car that was first displayed publicly at the Geneva Salon in March 1956. However, the Torinese carrozzeria was not yet in a position to cope with the increased workload, resulting in production being entrusted to Carrozzeria Boano after Pinin Farina had completed a handful of prototypes.

True series production began with the arrival of Pininfarina's 'notchback' Coupé on the 250 GT chassis, some 353 of which were built between 1958 and 1960 within the sequence '0841' to '2081'. However, the relatively small scale of production meant that cars could still be ordered with subtle variations according to customer choice, as well as enabling a handful of show cars and 'specials' to be constructed on the 250 GT chassis. 

A number of important developments occurred during 250 GT production: the original 128C 3.0-litre engine being superseded by the twin-distributor 128D, which in turn was supplanted in 1960 by the outside-plug 128F engine which did away with its predecessor's Siamesed inlets in favour of six separate ports. On the chassis side, four-wheel disc brakes arrived late in 1959 and a four-speeds-plus-overdrive gearbox the following year, the former at last providing the 250 GT with stopping power to match its speed. More refined and practical than any previous road-going Ferrari, yet retaining the sporting heritage of its predecessors, the 250 GT is a landmark model of immense historical significance. Despite this, original survivors are relatively few, as many have been modified and converted into replicas of more exotic Ferraris such as the 250 GTO, Testarossa, etc. 

Zustand, Zulassungen & Dokumente

Fahrzeug-ID: 233261

Händler-Fzg.-ID: 04-94

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