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1971 | Porsche 914/6


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In 1969, Porsche took a swing at expanding its automotive empire with the 914/6 mid-engined sports car. But with a price tag almost nudging the 911’s territory, it struggled to make a dent in the market.

Cast your mind back to the mid-1960s. Volkswagen was itching for a successor to its old-timer Type 34 sports coupé, the Karmann Ghia. Meanwhile, Porsche was eyeing a slice of the pie in the segment just below the 911. And thus, in 1966, Porsche got the nod to cook up a mid-engined sports car – one to be dished out with a humble four-cylinder engine under the Volkswagen badge, and with a punchier six-cylinder boxer engine wearing the Porsche crest.

Come 1969, and voila, the Porsche 914/6 stepped onto the scene. Sure, it bore some unmistakable 911 family traits – those jacked-up front wings and a roll bar sporting a removable roof, reminiscent of the 911 Targa. Even the rev counter, proudly stationed in front of the driver, whispered of its illustrious sibling. But make no mistake, the 914/6 was a beast of its own, sporting a mid-engine layout swiped straight from the world of racing – courtesy of the legendary Professor Ferdinand Porsche.

This machine was no slouch. It ousted the Porsche 912, flaunting a 2-liter six-cylinder engine from the 911 T that churned out a respectable 110 horses. And with that engine sitting right in the middle, handling was nothing short of sublime. Throw it down a twisty road, and it danced circles around beefier rivals. Need space for your gear? No problem. There were luggage compartments at both ends, ready to swallow your essentials.

But wait, there’s more. The 914/6 wasn’t content with just being ordinary. Oh no. It spawned special editions, including two one-of-a-kind models packing eight-cylinder racing engines in its debut year. And let’s not forget the 916s – eleven exclusives with up to 210 horses under the hood. These babies weren’t just about power; they oozed luxury, boasting top-notch trim and a steel roof welded in place.

By the time production wrapped up in 1972, a total of 3,338 units had rolled off the line. And boy, did they make some noise on the racetrack. The 914/6 snagged victories left, right, and center, including a glorious triumph at Le Mans in 1970 and a clean sweep of the podium at the Nürburgring’s 96-hour race.

The Porsche 914/6 might have been overshadowed by its siblings, but make no mistake – it was a true titan of the tarmac, a legend in its own right.

This Porsche 914 / 6 was bought on the 08.08.1971.

The first Owner drove it regularly and already had 59.000 km on the clock in 1974.

This can be seen in the stamped Servicebook from 1974.

The Car was then sold to the second Oner in 1977 who put it in storage 06 1978 until 2014.

Since it was woken up from its sleeping beauty sleep it was completely worked through.

The Engine was completely disassembled, cleaned and measured.  All wearing parts got renewed. Bearings, sprockets, chains, chain tensioner Valves, valve springs, valve guides. The Cylinder heads were levelled, and the valve seats ground.
The Pistons and cylinders were upgraded to 2.0l S Specs and the Camshafts 2.0l E. The alternator was also overhauled.
Clutch, release bearing. Oil tank, oil lines.
The carburettor was ultrasonically cleaned and jets were adjusted. Fuel pump and exhaust silencer were replaced.

The Gearbox was dismantled, cleaned and measured and all bearings and synchroniser rings were replaced.

The Chassis was upgraded with Bilstein suspension.  Wishbones and rear axle control arms were Sandblasted Blasted and powder-coated.
All wheel bearings, suspension joints and track rods were renewed. The Brake callipers were overhauled, brake discs and pads new
The Car sits on Fuchs rims 6×15 with 185/70R15 tyres

The Bodywork.
The Front mudguards, side panels and door sills left and right were renewed.
Also, the Windscreen and headlights were renewed.
A new carpet set was installed and the instruments were cleaned and overhauled.
Last but not least a Blaupunkt radio was fitted.

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