Immediate Support – Classic Trader assists dealers in testing times

The current COVID-19 pandemic is putting a great strain on both society and the economy. Classic Trader, the international marketplace for classic vehicles, is introducing a package of measures that allows customers to cushion the negative impacts on their businesses. The total value of these measures is in excess of 500,000 euro.

Managing current Challenges with Support package to the Value of Half a Million Euros 

The market for classic vehicles, like all other markets, must adapt itself to the current situation and be prepared to brave the challenges that are yet to come. Classic Trader has implemented its own measures of protection for all staff, nonetheless maintaining its unrestricted availability to all customers.

From April to June, Classic Trader will support all its customers with an extensive package of cross-media marketing tools. Christian Plagemann, CEO of Classic Trader GmbH says: “In these testing times, it is important to be able to rely on the support and solidarity of trusted partners. In our role as the digital marketing partner, it is paramount that we help alleviate the strain that the necessary health and safety restrictions have put on our customers, by offering a package of international marketing tools.

“In doing so, we aim to address the individual requirements that are specific to the classic vehicle market and offer our customers the option to focus their efforts on targeting those people and markets that are still interested in the classic and collectors vehicles and services provided.”

Using Additional Marketing Tools to Reach Customers in Times of Crisis

With its online marketplace, well-regarded print magazine and a multitude of other marketing tools on offer, Classic Trader provides the perfect service to reach potential customers where they all currently are: at home!

All customers that have actively listed their stock during the given time period will receive access to the full catalogue of marketing tools, at a per-customer volume of 1,000 EUR. Among other things, this catalogue includes exclusive ad placements on the homepage and search results pages of, as well as ads in the Classic Trader print magazine.

Classic Trader is also offering the opportunity to place customers’ listed vehicles in the wide-reaching international newsletter and Classic Trader social media channels. The total value of all these measures is valued in excess of 500,000 euro.

CEO Torsten Claus sees this as the ideal way to tackle the challenges ahead: “The current situation poses a great challenge for all those affected. Our extensive catalogue of measures provides our customers the tools to emerge from this crisis stronger than ever. The significant extent of these measures, as well as the great financial offer Classic Trader is making, pays tribute to the magnitude of the challenge that is faced by dealers of classic vehicles. We want to show that we will support our customers to the fullest extent of our abilities.”

Subject to availability, the following options can be selected:

Social Media Postings

Newsletter Placements

Targeted Ad Placements on the Classic Trader Website

Ad Placements in Classic Trader Magazine


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The only requirement for use of the free marketing budget is that you keep your full vehicle inventory on Classic Trader and meet your payment obligations. This is the only way we can send a strong signal to our mutual customers and remain ready for a quick resumption of normal business operations.

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