How To: Reach specific customer groups with adverts in the Classic Trader magazine

The Classic Trader print magazine offers the perfect showcase for classic cars and motorcycles. With over 1,600 handpicked adverts, Classic Trader presents the diversity of the classic market.

In addition, in-depth articles explain the history and development of individual models, supplemented with price and market information.
Each edition of the 2020 edition is dedicated to a decade of vehicle history:

Classic Trader magazine is published every second month, with 25,000 copies of each edition printed. As part of your € 1,000 marketing budget, you can book premium listings for your vehicles in issues 4/2020 and 5/2020 or place a 1×5 advertisement:

Print magazine – vehicle placement

Book your vehicles as premium listings in our print magazine:
Available quota: 200 premium listings
Package proposal: 5 listings per issue
Value: 2 x € 50

Print magazine – advertisement 1×5 portrait format

Place a 1×5 (60 mm x 271.5 mm) advertisement in our Classic Trader Print magazine:
Available quota: 120 placements
Value: 500 € / advertisement


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The only requirement for use of the free marketing budget is that you keep your full vehicle inventory on Classic Trader and meet your payment obligations. This is the only way we can send a strong signal to our mutual customers and remain ready for a quick resumption of normal business operations.

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