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The Goliath is an automobile which was manufactured from 1928 to 1961. Models included personal cars, light trucks and a camping van. One design detail which made Goliath stand out from the competition is the company's penchant for three-wheeled vehicles. Made in Bremen, Germany by Carl F. W Borgward and Wilhelm Techklenberg, the company was part of the Borgward group.

The Goliath Truck

The three-wheeled trucks were first to roll down the assembly line at Goliath. Styled after a previous truck by Borgward - Blitzkarren - the trucks had two rear and one front wheel.

The Goliath Car

Goliath Pionier was the company's passenger car which was produced from the 1920s up until 1934. Only 4,000 were made during this period and offered to the public with a variety of body types, three wheels, and a one cylinder engine. It's said that the Pionier was the early-inspiration model for the Hansa 400 and 500.

Goliath in the 1950s

Post-World War II, Goliath manufactured a number of passenger cars. Of note were the GP700 from 1950 to 1957. The GP700 had a transverse engine which was two-stroke, water-cooled, and two-cylinder inline. This car came out as a pre-cursor to the Mini style of cars from other manufacturers.  1952 saw the creation of the Bosch direct fuel engine as well as the Gutbrod Superior 600. These two models were the first passenger cars to use the technology; in 1953 the Goliath Empress. From 1955 to 1957 the Goliath GP900 was created, another two-cylinder engine using the previous technology from the GP700 as well as the Bosch engine direct fuel injection. By 1957 the Goliath 1100 was born. This model of a passenger car had a four-cylinder engine. Starting in 1958 the 1100 was taken to market under the brand Hansa. It was the Borgward group's intention to distance itself from their famous two-cylinder, three-wheeled vehicles.

Post-War Pickup Trucks

Three-wheeled Goliath pickup trucks were made from approximately 1949 to 1961. There was the Goliath GD750 from 1949 to 1955; Goliath GV800 from 1951 to 1953.

Camping Vans

Camping vans from Goliath were called the Goliath Express. There was no way to get from the cab of the van into the camper while inside the cab of the Express. In spite of this design issue, it held some of the modern camping conveniences such as cabinets, beds, stove, and sink.

Goliath in 1961

The Borgward group ceased operations in 1961 after going into bankruptcy proceedings. Interestingly, the company had 4.5 million marks after all creditors had been paid. In 2008, the grandson of Carl F. W. Borgward began talks and eventually was successful in reviving the Borgward group. Now based in Switzerland, the company says there will be a new vehicle for the first time in 54 years - to be revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

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