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GMC was formally known as the GMC Division of General Motors LLC. It sells a variety of vehicles including commercial trucks, pickups, military vehicles and sports utilities. Its main markets are North America and the Middle East.

GMC Early history

GM was formed by William C. Durant in 1908. In 1909 he purchased The Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and The Reliance Motor Company. These were merged to form the basis of GMC Truck in 1911. The logo – GMC Truck, first appeared on a vehicle at the New York International Auto Show. Later, the name would be shortened to GMC with the parent company being changed to the now familiar GM. At this time GMC had three manufacturing plants in – Michigan, California and Missouri.

GMC Early achievements

In 1916 GMC crossed the country from Seattle to New York City in thirty days and in 1926 a crossing from New York to San Francisco was completed in five days and 30 minutes. Production increased dramatically during the Second World War, with GMC Truck producing 600,000 vehicles for the US Armed Forces.

GMC expands

1925 saw the acquisition of a controlling interest in the Yellow Bus Company with the remaining stocks being purchased from the founder John D. Hertz in 1943. The newly expanded company was renamed The GMC Truck and Coach Division. The production of buses and coaches continued until July 1987 when GMC withdrew from the market due to increased competition. The coach division was sold to Transportation Manufacturing Corporation and Motor Coach Industries, based in Canada.

The Chevrolet connection

From the 1920’s GMC and Chevrolet trucks were identical albeit a badge change and grilles. GMC concentrated solely on commercial customers whereas Chevrolet gravitated towards private ownership. There have been a number of changes to this set up over the years but definition between GMC and Chevrolet has remained, creating two very different brand names under GM ownership.

GMC onwards

Various mergers have continued including GMC joining with Pontiac, allowing a full range of vehicles to be offered. GMC is still in production and offer a selection of SUV’s, motor homes, light duty trucks and vans.

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Image 1/20 of GMC Sierra 2500 (1985)
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1985 | GMC Sierra 2500

Chevrolet 2500  GMC Sierra Classic 454cui 7,4L Big Block

16 231 £GB
Image 1/30 of GMC C 6500 (1977)
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1977 | GMC C 6500

GMC Chevrolet C6500 USA carhauler project v8

8 593 £GB
Image 1/14 of GMC CCKW 352 B1 (1942)
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1942 | GMC CCKW 352 B1

GMC CCKW 6X6 - 1942

3 906 £GB
Image 1/31 of GMC Sierra 3500 (1981)
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1981 | GMC Sierra 3500

Dually Tow Truck

13 800 £GB
Image 1/4 of GMC Futurliner (1939)
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1939 | GMC Futurliner

Once in a Lifetime Chance to buy one of the rarest vehicles in the world

Price on request
Das schwarze Dekor ist aufgeklebt und kann entfernt werden
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1958 | GMC Task Force ½-ton

Series 100 Fleetside Pickup Modell 1957!! BLUE CHIP

30 205 £GB
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