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The Bitter CD was a vehicle manufactured by Erich Bitter Automobil GmbH between the years of 1973 an 1979. This specific version was considered to be one of the most popular (if not short-lived) models

The Concept Itself

One of the aspects which made the Bitter CD rather different from other innovative vehicles is that it was essentially a re-bodied version of previously produced cars. This was the very same concept that founder and former racer Erich Bitter employed in general. The Bitter CD was designed as a three-door hatchback and this unit was first displayed as a prototype at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1969. "CD" was an acronym for "Opel Coupe Diplomat". Designers included Charles M. Gordon (the future vice president of General Motors), George A. Gallion, Herbert Kilmer and Erhard Fast. The prototype proved to be so popular that Opel began contemplating production models.

The Inclusion of Baur GmbH

While Erich Bitter was encouraged to begin production, he lacked the vital capital to fund this venture. He chose to utilise the services of small-scale Stuttgart manufacturer Baur GmbH. This firm was known for its ability to produce quality prototypes for other major companies.

A Similarity to the Frua

Erich Bitter chose to employ many of the general designs which were seen in the Italian car manufacturer Pietro Frua. Some of the most prominent variations included a shorter rear end, fewer chrome features and a modified windscreen. Higher bumpers and a smaller front grille rounded out the ultimate appearance of the Bitter CD. These alterations provided the Bitter CD with a very unique appearance.

Reception and Recognition

Once the initial prototypes were built, they were displayed at the 1973 Frankfurt Auto Show. The Bitter CD was met with great enthusiasm and no less than 176 orders were placed at the event alone. It was an unfortunate fact that the oil crisis of the 1970s served to cancel the majority of these orders. However, Baur GmbH began production later that year. There was an initial projection of 200 units for the first year and this was never a realiry. In total, there were a mere 395 Bitter CD models sold. As of 1974, each vehicle cost 58,400 DM. During the final year before cancellation, 37 units were produced and sold. The Bitter CD was one of many vehicles which fell victim to the protracted oil crisis.


The Bitter CD is still a highly sought-after vehicle in these modern times. Its sweeping form has attracted many buyers and the fact that later Bitter CD models are quite rare (particularly the five versions with a white body) enables this brand to fetch respectable prices.

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