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Jürgen Lewandowski schreibt seit mehr als 40 Jahren über Menschen und Autos - und hat mehr als 100 Bücher veröffentlicht. Traumklassiker: Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 Touring Spider und Lancia Rally 037. Eigener Klassiker: Alfa Romeo R.Z. von 1993.

Toyota Supra MA70

Toyota Supra – A cult vehicle with many faces

Anyone who thinks about legendary sports cars immediately thinks of the usual suspects – the brands that dominated Le Mans or had their bodies drawn by Pininfarina, Bertone or Zagato. One dreams of American V8 engines, Italian twelve-cylinder engines, British wooden chassis and German perfectionism. Only a few people think of the Land of the Rising Sun – but there were and still are a considerable number of interesting sports cars in Japan, for example the Toyota Supra.  Continue reading Toyota Supra – A cult vehicle with many faces