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Daimler V8-250 (1969)

A Delicious Daimler 250 V8 Manual Overdrive with 47,091 Miles

18.739 EUR2.247.725 JPY36.649 BGN479.396 CZK140.022 DKK16.695 GBP6.273.767 HUF80.174 PLN89.358 RON199.602 SEK20.470 CHF2.546.610 ISK188.035 NOK139.380 HRK1.319.099 RUB118.866 TRY30.396 AUD86.753 BRL27.374 CAD144.932 CNY161.831 HKD290.979.674 IDR71.867 ILS1.483.424 INR24.085.793 KRW397.627 MXN85.856 MYR32.334 NZD1.046.546 PHP28.148 SGD624.941 THB304.495 ZAR

Angeboten für: 16.695 GBP

  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
  • Daimler V8-250
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  • KGF Classic Cars Ltd
  • Vereinigtes Königreich Vereinigtes Königreich
  • Ansprechpartner:
    Karl Fasulo


Anfrage zum Daimler V8-250 (1969) | Fahrzeug-ID: 179065

Merken Gemerkt
  • Fahrzeugdaten
  • Beschreibung
  • Zustand
  • Marke Daimler
  • Modell V8-250
  • Modellbezeichnung V8-250
  • Baureihe n.a.
  • Baujahr 1969
  • Fahrgestellnummer n.a.
  • Getriebenummer n.a.
  • Gutachten n.a.
  • Zustandskategorie Authentisch
  • Tachostand (abgelesen) 47.091 mls
  • Anzahl Vorbesitzer 3
  • Erstzulassung 08/1969
  • Motornummer n.a.
  • Matching numbers Ja

Technische Details

  • Karosserieform Limousine
  • Leistung (kW/PS) 103/140
  • Hubraum (ccm) 2.548
  • Zylinder 8
  • Türen 4
  • Lenkung Rechts
  • Getriebe Manuell
  • Gänge 4
  • Antrieb Heck
  • Bremse Front Scheibe
  • Bremse Heck Scheibe
  • Kraftstoff Benzin

Individuelle Konfiguration

  • Außenfarbe Braun
  • Herstellerfarbbezeichnung Sable
  • Schiebedach Nein
  • Faltdach Nein
  • Servolenkung Ja
  • Zentralverriegelung Nein
  • Elektrische Fensterheber Nein
  • Innenfarbe Braun
  • Innenmaterial Leder
  • Sitzheizung Nein
  • Klimaanlage Nein
  • ABS Nein
  • Airbag Nein
  • Tempomat Nein


A delicious Daimler 250 V8 manual overdrive with 47,091 miles and amazing history.



Integral body-chassis construction, Zone toughened windscreen, chromium plated window frames, semi wrap-around rear window, front and rear quarter lights, sealed beam headlamps and fog lamps, fluted Daimler grill and rear number plate lamp shroud, counter-balanced boot lid, ammeter, oil pressure gauge, revolution counter, starter button, panel light switch, front and rear central armrests, reclining front seats, labelled switches, interior flood lighting, cigar lighter, heated rear window, twin windtone horns. Factory Options; Power steering, front seat belts.



This well-appointed Daimler is the epitome of luxury and opulence, enjoying all the trappings of a Jaguar MKII with a further heightened level of equipment and finish.  The Heritage Trust Certificate confirms this vehicle is finished in the correct factory colour of Sable.  A wonderful shine exists throughout and the colour is uniform across the whole car.  Having been subject to a minor refurbishment in 1988 by the previous owner the vehicle is still outstanding and stood the test of time but imperfections can be seen.  The chromium plated bumpers, window frames to all doors, rain guttering and waist rail is in excellent condition.  All lighting and lenses are original Lucas fitment including the small side lights incorporated into the front wings and there is a small ding to the n/s/r wing.  The underside and wheel arch apertures are clean and the structure clearly visible with no patched repairs.  An imposing classic Daimler, truly magnificent and ready to make the next owner immensely proud.  A worthy contender at any classic car show.



The original finest quality ventilated leather upholstery in the original Cinnamon hide has aged well with the deep foam cushions offering comfort throughout.  The deep pile carpets and thick underlay are very clean and matching door dressings and individual central arm rests are undamaged.  The beautifully crafted polished figured walnut instrument panel features a plethora of ornate and fully functioning switchgear and Smiths gauges except the inoperative clock.  The original Bakelite steering wheel with Daimler emblem and horn ring is a work of art.  The walnut door tops are also in excellent condition.  The boot area is excellent with the previous owner even cutting out a cardboard flooring for extra protection!  A rare full tool kit is present with a list of contents correct for 1969.  Be prepared to be transported to a bygone era.



The 90 degree V8 cylinder engine with twin SU HD6 semi-downdraught carburettors displaces 2548cc to produce 140bhp at 5800rpm and a top speed of 112mph.  The original twin SU carburettor set up remains fitted, and the vehicle build plate, engine number and front panel stamping match exactly to the vehicle records found on the Heritage Certificate.  Documented service records and works carried out are staggering thanks to the long-term previous owners dedication.  Fitted with a manual gearbox with optional Laylock de Normanville overdrive from factory, a new clutch has been fitted to provide smooth changing.



Pressed steel bolt on disc wheels with excellent Daimler chromium hub covers and rimbellishers are shod in matching Goodyear Radial 185 SR15 tyres with ample tread.  The Dunlop bridge type disc brakes to all four wheels with quick change pads offer superb stopping power, hugely advanced for the era with the calipers recently having been rebuilt.



The cavernous boot in this Daimler can be filled with the amazing history of this example, such is the record keeping, care and devotion.  Manufactured on the 7th July 1969 and reputed as being one of the final eight manual cars built, it was supplied by Daimler dealer Botswoods in Ipswich to first owner, Mr TW Day.  Incredibly just two former keepers since with the last, Mr Hopper, having cherished the car since 1988!  The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate No. 3065 confirms all numbers match and that the car is still on the original registration number.  Mr Hopper, a now retired Electrical Engineer, has kept a meticulous log of all works to supplement the original service book and invoices.  A hand written workbook is included which will help reassure the next owner of the works carried out to keep this prime example in fully working order.  All care and instruction booklets including the Lucas fog lamp and spot lamp instructions and a mass of period literature are included.  As a member of the Daimler and Lanchester Owners Club and with two Daimlers to his name, parting with this prime and joy after 31 years was a very difficult decision.


MOT September 2020, HPI Clear, tax exempt.


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Zustand, Zulassungen & Dokumente

  • Motor (Verkäufereinschätzung): 5 von 5
  • Technik (Verkäufereinschätzung): 5 von 5
  • Lack (Verkäufereinschätzung): 5 von 5
  • Innenraum (Verkäufereinschätzung): 5 von 5
  • TÜV/HU bis 09/2020
  • Zugelassen
  • Fahrbereit
  • Unfallfrei

Fahrzeug-ID: 179065

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