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1956 | Austin-Healey 100/4 (BN2)

Mille Miglia Eligible, participant in the 2021 and 2023 editions



1956 AUSTIN HEALEY 100-4 BN2

  • Desirable BN2 model
  • Mille Miglia Eligible, participant in the 2021 and 2023 editions
  • Registered in the Mille Miglia Registro
  • A very lovely example of a Healey 100 in the best color combination for the marque channeling the 100 S Race Car
  • Desirable Left-Hand-Drive example
  • U.S.-market car originally delivered to Los Angeles
  • Extensive Recent and Documented Work
  • Recently prepared to high standard
  • Accompanied by a BMIHT Certificate
  • The Austin Healey 100-4 BN2 was in production for just about 11 months from late August 1955 through July 1956
  • In a very good technical condition
  • While 10,000 BN1s were produced, BN2 production was limited to about 3,924 cars


The Austin Healey 100 was built between 1953 and 1956, it was developed by Donald Healey to be produced in-house by Healey’s small car company.

Healey built a single ‘Healey Hundred’ for the 1952 London Motor Show and the design impressed Leonard Lord, Managing Director of Austin, so much that a deal was struck with Healey to build it in quantity at Austin’s Longbridge factory.

The first 100’s (series ‘BN1’) were equipped with a 90bhp engines and manual transmission with a three-speed unit with overdrive on second and top. 

The BN2 came with a real four speed manual transmission, still with overdrive on the top two gears. Features which distinguish the BN2 from the BN1 are the slightly larger front wheel arches, different rear axle and being the first 100 with optional two-tone paint.

Following the Austin-Healey 100’s sensational debut at the 1952 Motor Show, the works had entered two mildly modified cars in the 1953 Le Mans 24-Hour Race, which finishing in 12th and 14th places, a highly praiseworthy achievement for what were recognisably production sports cars. 

Accordingly, the name ‘Le Mans’ was chosen for a bolt-on tuning kit offered through Austin-Healey dealers, by means of which private owners could bring their cars up to a specification approaching that of the works entries. 

The kit included a pair of 1¾” SU HD6 carburettors plus special inlet manifold and cold air box, high-lift camshaft, stronger valve springs, and a distributor with an alternative ignition advance curve. 

With the kit installed power increased from the standard 90bhp to 100 horsepower.

The Austin Healey 100-4 BN2 was in production for just about 11 months from late August 1955 through July 1956. 

While 10,000 BN1s were produced, BN2 production was limited to about 3,924 cars.



This Austin-Healey 100-4 BN2 was manufactured on 7 June 1956 and dispatched to Los Angeles via Donald Healey Motor Company of Warwick, England. 

It was originally finished in White and Black over a Black leather interior with a Black convertible top and was fitted with a heater and a laminated windscreen, according to the accompanying British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificate. 

Fitted in period with the desirable performance-enhancing ‘Le Mans’ kit, this beautiful Austin-Healey 100/4 BN2 was bought, in June 1990, by a dealer in the U.K., Stevenson Garage of Leicester, and subsequently sold to a German enthusiast from Wilhelmshaven, a town on the Jade Bight on Germany’s North Sea coast.

In August 1997 the Healey was imported into the Netherlands to a Mr. Kuijper from Amersfoort.

With International tours and rallies in mind, its new custodian decided that a mechanical refresh and upgrade was required and entrusted the work to some Dutch specialists. 

In its ownership the car was repainted in its current colour scheme of two-tone dark Blue over Old English White with blue interior and matching hood. In our opinion the best color combination for the marque channeling the 100 S Race Car.

Associated invoices are on file for work carried out and parts supplied.

Mr. Kuijper owned and maintained the car for almost 24 years.

Via this Dutch gentleman this lovely example came in our hands in 2021 and passed into the ownership of the former American owner, an important entrepreneur in the energy sector and an important collector and good friend of us, who kept the car registered in the Netherlands. 

The American gentleman was wishing to drive the coming Mille Miglia with his daughter.

Reliability was more important for him than money so without looking at expenses the Healey had to be prepared as perfect as possible.

Restored in the past, he carried out the necessary mechanical refurbishment in order to have a perfectly reliable car.

The car received a number of upgrades to improve drivability.

The car participated in the 2021 and 2023 Mille Miglia races. 

The Healey has been very well maintained and after every event the car has been fully inspected, checked and detailed when needed.

The car is in a very good technical condition and is ready to race the 2024 Mille Miglia as well as participate in other prestigious events.

Additional documentation includes a FIVA Passport, the Mille Miglia Registro Certificate, a British Heritage Certificate and Netherlands registration papers, and the car also comes complete with tools, jack, and the side windows with their pockets.

Refinished painted wire wheels wrapped in new Vredestein Sprint Classic tires outside are joined by period Lucas fog lamps mounted to the roadster’s front bumper.



This particular example of the Healey 100 is a beautiful appearance. 

The typical Healey Blue over Cream color fits the car very well. 

Definitely in combination with the Dark Blue interior.

The paint is beautiful throughout with very minor signs of use and the nice details of the Mille Miglia race numbers is off-course wonderful.

The wheels are the period correct painted wheels.

The glass, exterior emblems, lighting, exterior lenses, and turn indicators are all in a nice condition.



In the beautiful cockpit, dark blue leather is piped in blue along with matching Dark Blue carpets. 

The leather is in good condition, with just a few rips or tears. 

It has taken on a charming patina since the restoration, clear evidence that is has been driven and enjoyed on the road.

Correct instrumentation, an original wheel and correct original weather equipment (including side curtains and full tonneau cover) are all fitted. 

Correct materials also line the rear of the cockpit, door panels and boot.



Under the bonnet rests a very nicely detailed Austin big four with dual S.U. carburetors. 

The correct engine paint is very nicely finished, and all of the ancillaries are detailed and very tidy. 



We have seen and owned quite a lot of Austin Healey’s because we really appreciate these cars. 

The original four-cylinder ‘100’ is widely regarded as one of the most enjoyable Healeys to drive, even more so when fitted with the desirable 100M ‘Le Mans’ upgrades. 

We can confirm that this lovely example is indeed an absolute joy to drive: very torquey and responsive to the throttle.

This is a beautiful Mille Miglia Eligible Austin-Healey 100 BN2 equipped in period with the ‘Le Mans’ kit, in a fetching colour combination and driving superbly.

The easy-to-fit soft-top can be erected quickly whenever it starts to rain, while the relative large boot makes the car ideal for tours. 

Add to the mix sublime looks – particularly with the screen folded flat – and you have one of the most beautiful and desirable of classic British sports cars.



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