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The German Brand Lloyd Maschinen Fabrik GmbH was founded in 1949 by Carl F. W. Borgward.

The Origins of Lloyd

In the beginning, the small company, lead by Carl Borgward and his wife, build electric vehicles for the British occupation forces. Because the EL 3000 that were produced brought in high profits, the company was able to release its first small car to the market in 1950. Due to the economic situation in Germany and the resulting scarcities, the LP 300 was made from plywood laminated with artificial leather. It was powered by a 10 BHP two-stroke engine.

In 1951, the company changed its name into Lloyd Motoren Werke GmbH. In 1953 the second model was released. The Lloyd LP 400 had a larger engine with 13 BHP. Until the end of 1954 the chassis of the LP 400 was still made from leather laminated plywood, newer models were then made from steel. The Lloyd LP 600 followed in 1955. It was most produced model of the Borgward Group. Fifty-eight thousand of it were produced in 1955 alone. In registration statistics Lloyd placed third after VW and Opel. After some improvements, the LP 600 was released under the name Lloyd Alexander in 1957. One year later, a TS version was added, that brought 25 BHP to the road.

In the end of 1952 Lloyd released the LTK 500 with a two-stroke engine. Two further edition of this model were released. The LTK 500/6 was a six-seat minivan and 1953 saw the release of the LTK 500 pick-up. From 1955 onwards, the models were available with a four-stroke engine with a longer chassis.

The End of Lloyd

The Borgward Group went bankrupt in 1961. On reason was the Lloyd 900 Arabella, released in 1959. High investment costs for the production of the model and an expensive recall because of technical deficiencies meant the end for the company.

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