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The luxury American Car manufacturer Duesenberg was founded in 1913 by two German brothers Frederick Duesenberg and August Duesenberg. Both were self-taught engineers with many innovative experimental cars designed. Originally founded to build sports cars, Duesenberg soon became synonymous with quality as every car was built by hand.

The first Duesenberg

For the first few years until the end of World War I Duesenberg concentrated on marine and aviation engines and after several factory moves by 1920 settled in Indianapolis on a 17 acre site where they were to remain until their demise in 1937. The first Duesenberg passenger car, the Model A had a revolutionary straight eight engine featuring four valve heads and single overhead camshafts. It was a very advanced machine with hydraulic brakes all round and prohibitively expensive with prices starting at $6500. Unfortunately deliveries of the Model A did not start until 1921 and sales were slow. In its six years of production only 650 cars were manufactured. 

The rarest Duesenberg

Manufactured for only one year between 1926 and 1927, the Model X was longer and heavier than the Model A and had an engine producing 100 horsepower giving a top speed of over 100mph. Only 13 were made and soon made way for the famous Duesenberg Model J.

The Duesenberg Model J

The Model J was designed to be the fastest biggest and most expensive car in the world. Introduced in 1928 the Model J had a powerful straight eight engine based on their racing engines that produced 265 horsepower and an impressive top speed of 119mph. When first debuted it was both the fastest and most expensive car in the American automobile market.  Each car had the bodywork and interior crafted to the new owners specification and were widely owned by Hollywood celebrities and European royalty.

Duesenberg's demise

While excellent engineers, neither Duesenberg brother had a head for business and within a year of the Model A's production both brothers had become employees of their own company while investors sat in the boardroom. By 1926 when E.L.Cord bought the ailing company neither brother had much say in company policy and when Cord's commercial empire collapsed in 1937 this marked the end for Duesenberg. There have been varied attempts to revive the legendary Duesenberg marque however all have petered out and failed. The only small silver lining is that due to their rarity with less than 1200 cars being produced between 1921 and 1937 any Duesenberg that comes on the market is guaranteed to be worth a small fortune and kept in excellent condition.