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The French automobile and racing car company Delage was originally founded by Louis Delage back in 1905. The company headquarters was located in Levallois-Perret, near Paris and the brand's most famous and successful passenger car model was the Delage D6.

Delage in the Early Years

After a brief partnership with Helbé, Delage produced their first model, a voiturette called the Type A, in 1906. The following year, the company moved to a larger factory and began to build several small, two-cylinder models, occasionally entering racing events in order to generate more sales.

Following the First World War, Delage began to make a name for themselves by producing larger cars, starting with the 4,524 cc Delage CO. During the 1920s, the manufacturer entered its first golden era, with models including the 2-litre Delage DE and DI models, the Delage GLS and the follow up to the CO, the Delage CO2.

The Classic Delage Era

Delage began producing its 3,182 cc DM model in 1926, followed by the high-performance 3-litre DMS, which introduced twin-valve springs and various other enhancements.

In 1929, the company started production of the Delage D8; an eight-cylinder luxury car, which effectively replaced the GLS and some versions of the DM. The main model was able to achieve top speeds of around 120 km/h (75 mph), while the sport version could reach 130 km/h (82 mph). Variations of the D8 were produced up until 1940.

The original D6, meanwhile, went into production from 1930-1933 and featured a 6-cylinder engine, with 75 hp. More than a thousand of these models were sold before updated versions like the D6-11 and D6-65 became available. The D6 had greater mass appeal than the D8 and would go on to become the company's primary model.

Production of D6 cars ceased in 1940, but continued once again in the post-war years with the introduction of a new 3-litre D6. It remained in production for the remainder of the manufacturer's lifetime, however, the car suffered as a result of harsh motoring taxes in Europe, which targeted vehicles above 2-litres.

In 1954, while suffering from financial difficulties, the company was absorbed into Hotchkiss.

Delage in Competition

Starting in 1912, Delage began to compete in Grand Prix and Indy Car events, enjoying a level of success along the way. At the 1913 French Grand Prix, Paul Bablot's Delage Type-Y set the fastest lap of the race, before René Thomas went on to win the 1914 Indianapolis 500 in the same car.

After World War I, Delage returned to competitive racing, winning the 1924 European Grand Prix with the Type-2 LCV model. In 1926, Louis Wagner won the first ever Grand Prix of Great Britain, driving a Delage 155 B. Then, the following year, Robert Benoist guided the constructor to another victory at the same event.

In 1938, a modified D6 driven by Louis Gérard won the International Tourist Trophy. A year later, the same car model finished second in the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race.

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