Audi RS2 Classic Cars for Sale

Built as a co-development between German manufacturers Audi and Porsche the Audi RS 2 was a limited edition, high end, high performance estate car. Produced only between 1994-1995 it has proved itself as a classic and still today has a cult following amongst those who love its understated power.

Audi RS 2 Collaboration

Also known as the Audi RS 2 Avant and the Audi 80 RS2, the Audi RS 2 absorbed the good and the great from both Audi and Porsche and made them its own. It was based on a model that Audi already had in production which Porsche then tweaked and improved. The engine was based on Audi’s 80 Avant and was a 2.2 litre turbocharged inline five-cylinder, 20 valve petrol engine. Assembled by Porsche but manufactured by Audi, the RS 2 featured Audi's classic Quattro four wheel drive system and six speed manual gearbox. Porsche designed the braking and suspension systems, although the Bosch ABS system preferred by Audi was kept.

Audi RS 2 Performance

Being 40mm lower than previous Quattros allied with improvements to its braking and suspensions systems meant that the Audi RS 2’s much better braking and handling capabilities gave it the capacity of a high end sports car. Racing from 0-60 in 4.8 seconds the Audi RS 2 could produce a top speed of 162.8 mph At the time of manufacture in a flat out (short distance) drag race it was comparable with the Maclaren F1 Road Car and even Jacques Villenueve's Formula One car. Today it remains a sporty option amongst estate cars and can keep up with new kids on the block such as 996 generation Porsche 911.

Audi RS 2 Legacy

The Audi RS 2 established Audi's reputation for practical, high-specification, high-performance cars worth driving. Where sports cars were impractical for daily use the RS2 offered something exciting that performed well in all weathers but fitted in on the school run. In total 2289 Audi RS 2s were made (180 of which were right hand drive) and today they are much sought after. The time since it first hit the market has only proved the versatility and unassuming grunt of this unconventional classic.

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