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The Audi 50, a supermini economy car, was designed in the 1970s and sold until Audi decided to become the brand we are familiar with today, producing large, luxury vehicles. Though it has been discontinued, the Audi 50 is loved and recognised in this day and age, and this was made particularly evident in 2010 when the company created its so-called 'spiritual successor', the Audi A1.

Vorsprung Durch Technik- The birth of Audi 50

The German Audi automobile company was known for its innovative nature by its slogan 'Vorsprung durch technik' (advancement through technology), and thus in 1974, it invented the Audi 50, Germany's first ever entrant into Europe's then emerging class of supermini cars. The Audi 50 was built at two establishments, Audi's own NSU factory in Neckarslum, which was in operation between 1873 and 1969, and Volkswagen's giant Wolfsburg plant.

Two Versions of the Audi 50

The original Audi 50, produced in both the Audi and Volkswagen plants, came in two models, the LS and GL. Both were three-door hatchbacks with 1,093 cc engines, but the LS produced 37 kW, whereas the GL produced 44 kW. At the time, these specifications were considered extremely generous for European cars, while the price was lower than average, meaning that both Audi 50 models were popular throughout Europe.

VW Takes Over Audi 50 Sales

Just six months into production of the Audi 50, the Volkswagen plant rebadged the Audi 50s they were producing under their own name, selling the design as the Volkswagen Polo. In September 1974, the Volkswagen Polo was available in Germany, and a few months later, it arrived in export markets, including the UK. Not only was Volkswagen's own version of the Audi 50 cheaper, but it also had a wide variety of engines, as well as other options for customers to choose from. This meant that it became more popular than the original Audi 50, and the ever-evolving Volkswagen Polo continues to attract buyers to this day.

The Demise of the Audi 50

Between 1975 and 1978, Audi's own Audi 50 continued to be sold alongside Volkswagen's updated, value edition, the Polo, and in that time, the Polo consistently outsold Audi's own branded car. During that period, Audi made plans to upgrade their Audi 50 design so that it would look something like the Audi 80 or the Audi 100. This vision did not materialise, as a final decision was made by Audi's Board to go upmarket and focus on making bigger, more expensive vehicles. Thus, in 1978 the Audi 50, of which 180,812 units had been produced, was finally discontinued.

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