• Factory left hand drive example

  • Powerful 3.0 liter 6 cylinder engine

  • Subscribed for the 1954 Mille Miglia

  • With a large and comprehensive file outlining both Mille Miglia history and restoration details

  • Complete with FIVA certificate

  • Registered in the Mille Miglia Registro and accepted as Mille Miglia veteran car

  • Entrant in the 2012, 2016, 2018, 2019 editions of the Mille Miglia

  • Mille Miglia Eligible

  • Ready to race the Mille Miglia as well as participate in other prestigious events

  • Striking presentation

  • One of only 451 DB2/4 ‘Mark I’ Saloons

  • Comfortable and well-appointed 2+2 interior

  • This particular example, is all the more desirable and rare as it benefits from being a veteran Mille Miglia car, original left-hand drive and it’s fitted with the powerful three-liter motor

  • This vehicle is sold for a customer on commission base

The Aston Martin DB2/4 is an expensive car designed to cater for the connoisseur of sports cars who is not limited by financial considerations.’ – Autocar, 2nd October 1953.

In 1953 Aston Martin introduced the DB2/4 MK1. It was based on the predecessor, the Aston Martin DB2 which was introduced to the public at the New York Motor show in 1950.

The DB2/4 had been modified both mechanically and aesthetically from its predecessor.

The front received updates that gave it a so-called cleaner design.

The 2.6 Liter Vantage engine which had some more power then the standard DB2 engine was standard placed under the hood and provided power for the rear wheels.

Later in the DB2/4 range, from 1954 on, it was possible to order an even more powerful 3.0 liter 6 cylinder engine.

With the introduction of the ‘2+2’ DB2/4, Aston Martin extended the DB2’s appeal to the increasingly important market comprised of ‘sports car enthusiasts with a family’.

But another huge advantage of the DB2/4 is the possibility to let the back seat fold down to create a load-carrying platform that more than doubled the luggage space.

The latter could be accessed via the 2/4’s opening rear door, a pioneering example of the now common ‘hatchback’ concept.

This transformation gives the Aston Martin DB2/4 an unrivalled luggage-carrying capacity in a car which should be capable in favourable circumstances of achieving two miles a minute,’ reported The Motor.

DB2/4 production had amounted to 565 cars by the time of the MkII’s introduction in October 1955.

Today, these smart-looking, hand-built Aston Martins are high on collector’s lists worldwide, prized for their enviable blend of elegance, performance and usability.



This specific example is an original left-hand drive DB 2/4 that was sold new by authorized sales agent J.S. Inskip Inc the 22nd of February 1954.

This fabulous Aston Martin DB2/4 was originally finished in Moonbeam grey with grey-piped red leather interior.

According to documentation from the Mille Miglia Archive in Brescia the car was collected in the UK the 1st of March 1954 by Mr. Harry G. Steele from California for racing it in the Mille Miglia.

Mr. Steele was subscribed with the car with number 544 in the 1954 Mille Miglia.

Copies of the original Mille Miglia documentation from the Mille Miglia Museum Archive are in the history file of the car.

As reported on the book ‘The Register, Volume Three” from “Aston Martin Owners Club”, pag. 174, this example was “prepared by the factory for the Mille Miglia. Ran into a donkey on the way!”

On June 1954 the recorded owner is Mr. Robert Yung from New York and later a Mr. Major P. F. Hill from the United States.

This car was later shipped to England and bought by a Belgian collector.

In 2006 a Dutch enthusiast intrigued by the specification of the car and its unique history, acquired the car.

Via this Dutch owner the Aston received a thorough restoration.

The car changed hands in 2016 when it was sold to another Dutch collector.

The gentlemen who bought the Aston in 2016 and is still the owner of the car is very keen on reliability and has all his cars in an extremely impressive technical condition.

Money isn’t spared to have all his cars in up and running condition.

This Aston was send to Mugello engineering to have it perfectly prepared and since it’s preparation it has been maintained by the same company.

Mugello is well known by it’s very high standars and their knowledge of preparation cars for the Mille Miglia.

When the Aston arrived at Mugello in 2017 they were given the task of checking and fixing every mechanical aspect of the car.

This included:
– Cylinder head overhaul with fitment of the larger MK3 valves.
– Complete steering overhaul, including an uprated steering box.
– Complete brake overhaul with re-lined shoes.
– New wheel cylinder and re-built master cylinder.
– All new wheel bearings.
– Gearbox rebuild including new bearings, oil seals and clutch.
– Renew Fuel pipes.
– Complete engine rebuilt

All-in, the invoices total more than 120.000,- Euro. (invoices on file).

This Aston Martin DB 2/4 received in February 2022 the Mille Miglia Registro Certificate.

The Mille Miglia Registro is the official Certifying Body that registers and certifies all cars that are eligible to enter the Mille Miglia.

This specific Aston Martin DB 2/4 has been Certified, confirming that it is accepted as being an original “Mille Miglia Participant” car as it was subscribed for the 1954 Mille Miglia.

The Aston Martin participated in the 2012, 2016, 2018 and 2019 the Mille Miglia.

The car is ready to race the 2024 Mille Miglia as well as participate in other prestigious events.

Included in the history file are amongst other papers:

– Copies of the original Mille Miglia documentation from the Mille Miglia Museum Archive in Brescia

– Fiva Certificate

– Mille Miglia Registro Certificate

– British Motor Industry Heritage Certificate



The body of the DB 2/4 is in a nice condition.

The paint is wonderful and the nice details of the hand painted original Mille Miglia race number is off-course amazing.

The glass, exterior emblems, lighting, exterior lenses, and turn indicators are all in a nice condition.



The interior of the Aston is very attracting and in our opinion the Red original colour suits the exterior color of the car extremely well.

The interior was completely restored, new leather upholstery using Connolly hides was fitted along with new Wilton carpets.

The car is fitted with more comfortable bucket seats.

The DB2/4 has a generous amount of interior space.

All meters on the dashboard are in a perfect functioning order.



If you do not fall in love with the striking looks of this DB2/4 then simply turn the key and the roar of the beautifully W.O. Bentley designed straight 6 will win you over immediately.

What a wonderful driver’s car this is.

Driving the car is a pure delight, due to the powerful engine the car gives a great sensation.

Due the extensive maintenance work this DB2/4 must be one of the finest driving Aston’s on the road, starting first time, every time, the driving experience truly is sublime.

Brakes are working effectively, gearbox is shifting easy and the steering is rather straight for a DB2.

Altogether a very special car with an impressive history which has very recently been restored/prepared by a specialist and brought to a very high level.

Have you always wanted to take part in the Mille Miglia?

Then this could be a very suitable candidate as rare cars which took part in the race in period or were subscribed in the race as this example, have a guaranteed entry.

This Aston is impatiently waiting in our showroom for a new “caretaker” to take her on the next Mille Miglia as well in other prestigious events.

Please note, this vehicle is sold for a customer on commission base.


The information provided on this website has been compiled by The Houtkamp Collection with the utmost care. The information contained within this advert is provided ‘as-is’, without warranties as to its accuracy whether expressed or implied and is intended for informational purposes only. The Houtkamp Collection is not liable for any errors or mistakes.

Vehicle details

Vehicle data

Aston Martin
Model series
DB 2/4
Model name
DB 2/4 Mk I
Manufacturer code
Mark I
First registration date
Not provided
Year of manufacture
Mileage (read)
0 km
Chassis number
Not provided
Engine number
Not provided
Gearbox number
Not provided
Matching numbers
Number of owners
Not provided

Technical details

Body style
Power (kW/hp)
Cubic capacity (cm³)
Left (LHD)
Not provided
Front brakes
Not provided
Rear brakes
Not provided
Fuel type

Individual configuration

Exterior color
Interior color
Interior material

Condition, registration & documentation

Has Report
Ready to drive
Mille Miglia eligible


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