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Moskvich can be translated into English as “Son of Moscow.”The company bearing this name is one of the classic soviet car manufacturers.

The history of Moskvich

The Russian/soviet car brand Moskvich has its origins in the state owned Moscow car production plant KIM in 1930. Initially a Ford production assembly plant, the company later also developed their own models based on Ford plans. After a complete change of production to support the war efforts, the Council of the People’s Commissioners decided to restart passenger car production under the name Moskvich in 1945. As part of the German reparation efforts that resulted from Germany’s capitulation, the complete production of the Opel Kadett was moved to Moscow, enabling Moskvich to get their hands on technology developed by Opel. This technology would later be the basis for many highlights of soviet car manufacturing which were also sold internationally. While Moskvich failed to successfully enter the West German market, Moskvich’s cars sold well in the Eastern part. Many state institutions used the vehicles and a fan community formed that praised the durability of the cars. Moskvich’s technological innovations fell behind in the 80’s and losses increased. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2006.

The Moskvich 410

The all-wheel drive Moskvich 410, based on the 402, was released in 1957. True its concept as a transport and utility vehicle for agricultural use it was soon know as an exceptional off-road car. Some even call it the first crossover SUV ever. With a floor height of 43 cm or 22 cm above the axis respectively, it was able to cross shallow bodies of water. Slopes of up to 33°could be conquered in first gear and it topped out at 90 km/h on a straight track. The Moskvich 410 also had a monocoque chassis, at its time still a rarity. Because only 7,580 were ever produced, the 410 is a sought after old-timer today.


Moskovich’s brand logo has seen various revisions and over the time, six different versions have been in use. They have often been red and contain a star as the sign of communism. The lettering is sometimes Roman and sometimes Cyrillic, depending on where the car was sold.

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