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The Heinz-Melkus KG was a producer of race and sports cars located in the German Democratic Republic. The famous race car driver Heinz Melkus founded the company in Dresden in 1959. It existed until 1986. After starting out with the production of Formel Junior models, the Allgemeine Deutsche Motorsportverband suggested to build a two seater race car in 1968. Prototypes were jointly developed by the Technical University and the college of Dresden. The best know successor is the Melkus RS 1000.

From the beginnings of Melkus until today

The first models of the Eastern German brand used a Wartburg-353 engine. Various other parts were based on Trabant and Wartburg productions or were produced by Melkus themselves. The Melkus RS 1000 was a road-ready mid-engine car based on the Wartburg 353. About one hundred were produced.

Because of the great interest among collectors, production of a limited edition Melkus RS 1000 started in 2006. The edition was dedicated to the company’s founder, who had died around the same time, and only 15 cars were produced. It was followed up by a sport coup with gull wing doors called Melkus RS 2000.

Other Melkus models

Melkus also produced other cars, among them the Melkus Formel Junior, Melks Formel 3 aka “Zigarre”, Melkus PT73 Spider and the Melkus SRG MT 77.

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