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The International Harvesting Company or IHC has its root in 1902, when The McCormick Machine Company, Deering Harvester Company and three other smaller concerns merged to form IHC. It continued with this name until financial crisis forced its sale to Tenneco Inc. in 1984.

Light Duty Trucks

IHC built their reputation on a successful line of light-duty trucks, starting in 1907 with the introduction of the Model A auto wagon; or Auto buggy as it is often termed. Powered by a flat twin air-cooled unit producing 15 hp, the right-hand drive auto wagon proved to be popular in rural areas due to its high ground clearance. The rear seats were also removable for conversion to a flat carrier bed. The IHC Model A is considered to be the predecessor of the modern pick-up truck. In 1910, the Auto Wagon name changed to Auto Truck followed by IHC changing its name to IH in 1914 with light truck production continuing until 1975.

Medium to Heavy trucks

IHC entered the medium to heavy truck era at an early point in its development with the International Harvester Loadstar, which proved to be a great success. The Loadstar saw production from 1962 to 1979 and found service in the local delivery, agricultural and fire truck industries. It could be specified with petrol engine units of between 154 – 210 hp and diesel units of 113 – 200 hp, with a wide range of automatic and manual transmission options. The International Harvester S-series replaced the Loadstar in 1979.

Military Service

IHC provided a number of light duty and heavy duty vehicles to a variety of countries. The Metro van found service with the Czechoslovakian army in 1938. This had a 'walk in' body that excelled as a delivery truck as well as an ambulance and a radio transmitter van. IHC (IH) also provided the M5 tractor and M-5H-6 trucks used by the Marines and the US Navy in 1942as well as providing the M-5-6-318 to Russia and China.

The Legacy

Though troubled with strikes, burgeoning costs and other financial issues IHC have a left legacy in the form of their innovative design, through the Model A and premier heavy duty machines like the Loadstar. These vehicles spawned a whole industry of new and improved vehicle design, which can be seen with particular clarity in the pick-up trucks driven today.