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The Fuldamobil was a three-wheeler car produced during the 1950s and 1960s. The vehicle's innovative design and functionality made it popular among consumers all over the world, and eventually the Fuldamobil entered the market in four different continents.

A brief history of the Fuldamobil

The first Fuldamobil was launched to the German market in 1950. The vehicle was designed by Norbert Stevenson, an engineering graduate from the Technical Institute of Berlin. He had previously worked as an apprentice at the Stoewer factory, whose luxury sports vehicles were in production until the early 1940s. In designing the Fuldamobil, Stevenson's objective was to make cars more affordable to the general population. He set out to create a vehicle that was half the price of the Beetle while offering better performance. His design attempts eventually led him to the concept of a micro-car. Stevenson's first prototype featured a motorcycle engine and his trademark three-wheel design, but he was forced to sell the parts due to financial difficulties. One of Stevenson's relatives owned the Elektromaschinenbau GmbH factory in Fulda and gave Stevenson the opportunity to work on a new prototype, which ended up being the first Fuldamobil. Initially, Stevenson's prototype featured tandem-style seating, but he later decided to move the passenger's seat to the front. This involved making modifications to the chassis in order to make it wider and at the same time more stable. Changes were also made to the steering mechanism so that it would cope with Germany's uneven post-war roads. To achieve that, Stevenson had to modify the steering's geometry by setting up the suspension with a negative scrub radius. This innovation was later adopted by all vehicle manufacturers and still remains in use.

Classic Fuldamobil cars

The first Fuldamobil was ready to hit the market in February 1950. Despite its compact design, the car weighed 313lbs, which made it heavy but also stable. The vehicle was fitted with a Zundapp 200cc engine, had a 1,000mm wheelbase, and its chassis was made of plywood and aluminium sheets. During the first 6 months, approximately 50 Fuldamobils were sold. Later versions of the Fuldamobil had a wider wheelbase of 1,500mm, a B&P engine, and a fabric-backed chassis instead of an aluminium one.  The 1951 model (called Fuldamobil N) had a Fitchel & Sachs 360cc engine. More than 320 vehicles were sold in less than a year. This model was also the first Fuldamobil to be sold abroad, more specifically in Spain. Fuldamobils cars were also sold in Greece, Holland, Turkey, India, Rhodesia, and Chile. Next came the Fuldamobil S, which was in production between 1954 and 1955 and sold 673 vehicles. The last Fuldamobil model was produced in 1969.

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