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De La Chapelle: the name just roles off the tongue, and as each of its fans will tell you, this automobile manufacturer remains one of the most respected car companies in France.

The origins of De La Chapelle

The history of the De La Chapelle brand goes back to 1907, when the two brothers Guy and Carl de La Chapelle decided to become part of the burgeoning automobile industry. At first, it looked as though the brothers were set to become key figures in French industry - but sadly, the outbreak of World War I disrupted the nation, and so the De La Chapell brothers' enterprise came to an end.

However, the name was revived in 1975, when Guy and Carl's great-nephew Xavier de La Chapelle made a bold decision: he would restart the automotive business founded by his ancestors nearly seventy years previously. Under Xavier De La Chapelle's guidance, the name was rescued from oblivion. He was able to revive the work of his predecessors while simultaneously building upon it, adapting the De La Chapelle ethos for a new era and a very different automobile industry.

Makes of De La Chapelle

The first sports car released by the company was the De La Chapelle Type 55; this was unveiled in 1978, having been in development for three years.

In 1990, the company demonstrated the Tourer, a 2X2 version of the Type 55. In 1992, De La Chapelle released two further models: the Atalante 57s and the Grand Prix. Both were showcased to great excitement. The De La Chapelle Roadster followed in 1996, with a revised version going on sale in 1998.

De La Chapelle also had an inventive sideline. It manufactured a series of go kart-like scale replicas, dubbed Juniors De La Chapelle, intended for children to ride in for amusement. As an interesting bit of trivia, some of these models depict makes of De La Chapelle that were never actually made. Manufactured since 1979, the Juniors De La Chapelle line retains a loyal following amongst both youngsters and nostalgic adults.

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