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The Bischoff company produced tractors after the end of the war. Bischoff built its own solid tractors from the purchase of design documents for an Ensinger tractor.

Bischoff - The story

The Pfingstmannwerk in Recklinghausen, which is active in the field of steel and forged products, was founded in 1899 and had been trading under the name Bischoff-Werke KG since 1938.

After the end of the war they wanted to exploit the expected motorisation boom in agriculture and started building tractors. The Bischoff company was dependent on buying important tractor components such as gearboxes, axles and engines from third-party suppliers and constructed ready-made tractors from them.

Bischoff - Their first own tractors

In 1950 Bischoff acquired the design documents of an unsuccessful Ensinger tractor. For this reason, the first diesel tractor Biwe AS 15 designed by Bischoff resembled the Ensinger model both technically and externally. The Biwe AS 15 was a block-constructed, high-quality and versatile ready-made tractor.

The solidly built Bischoff tractors generated satisfactory sales in the immediate vicinity and encouraged the company to launch a very daring construction programme. The newly planned tractor range consisted of four types with 15, 20, 28 and 45 hp and could be recognized externally by the new rounded engine hoods. Bischoff tractors met the requirements of the time and were appreciated by the population for their tractive power. Nevertheless, Bischoff could not achieve any great economic success due to the small series production and gave up this branch of production in 1953.

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