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The Bautz company was already a respected manufacturer of harvesting machinery when it decided in 1948 to design agricultural tractors. During the production period up to 1963, Bautz achieved 12th place in the approval statistics, among others with the successful 300 type tractor.

Bautz - The story

1909 the Allgäu blacksmith Josef Bautz acquired a small factory founded in 1890 and thus laid the foundations for one of the best-known harvesting machine manufacturers in Germany. In 1948, Josef Bautz GmbH began designing agricultural tractors in order to build up an additional business. The company had already earned a good reputation as a manufacturer of harvesting machines and sold large numbers of hay turners, grain and grass mowers worldwide. From the mid-1930s onwards, the company founder expected an increased demand for tractors, began to build agricultural tractors and shortly afterwards launched the first prototype.

Bautz - The models

In order to be able to further expand its product range, the company Zanker, which had designed a very advanced tractor, took over the construction documentation. In 1950 the previous Zanker model was replaced by the self-developed 14 HP tractor AS 120. In the following years, vehicles up to 25 hp were developed and brought onto the market. While the company purchased the gearboxes from Zahnradfabrik Passau or manufactured them itself, Motorenwerke Mannheim (MWM) and Güldner served as engine suppliers. With 1585 domestic approvals, Bautz achieved 12th place in the approval statistics in 1953. The sudden decline in sales in 1957 was counteracted with the two modern Type 200 and Type 300 tractor models. One of the most frequently produced models was the 300.

Bautz - The end of production

However, no notable economic successes were achieved due to the ever-increasing competition. After the takeover of the English manufacturer Nuffield failed, Bautz looked for a German partner and cooperated with Rheinstahl Hanomag AG from 1962. When this cooperation did not bring any economic success either, the company ended tractor construction a short time later.

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