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Banham was a British kit car manufacturer that offered conversions for existing cars and kit cars. The company was founded by the Brit Paul Banham in the 1970s

Banham History

In the 1970s the Briton Paul Banham began to offer convertible conversions for various vehicles. First he designed them on request, later he offered fixed packages for popular contemporary models like the Ferrari 400, the Rolls-Royce Corniche and the Aston Martin DBS. In the 1980s, Paul Banham recognised the potential of kit cars, which were particularly popular in the UK. In the 80s Banham offered various models based on the Skoda Estelle and Skoda Rapid. Banham models based on the Rover Mini and the Austin-Healy Sprite gained popularity in the 90s. Banham was first sold in 2004 to Rally Sport Replicas Ltd, which in turn sold Banham two years later to 356. However, kit sales had been discontinued in mid-2005.

Banham models

One of the most popular models from Banham was the Banham Spyder based on the Skoda Estelle and Skoda Rapid. The design of the Banham Spyder was based on the Porsche 550, which gained tragic fame through the accidental death of James Dean and still enjoyed great popularity. Some kits followed later, which were based on the Rover Metro. Under the name Banham X99 Banham published a body, which should remind of the later Audi TT - this had already been published at this time as Concept Car. After legal disputes with the Volkswagen group the Banham X99 was optically revised and re-released as Banham X21. The X21 continued to follow the design of the Audi TT, but there are also some parallels to the Nissan Figaro. Based on the Porsche 356 Speedster Bahnham later published the Banham New Speedster. The Banham Tiger was based on the Sunbeam Tiger, a powerful V8 roadster with about 160 hp. A new interpretation of the Mini Joke was the Banham Superbug, a little convertible with a sporty character.

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