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Arden Automotive GmbH is a German company that was founded by Jochen Arden in 1976. The core business specialises in the modification of Jaguar, Range Rover-Bentley and Mini vehicles.

Arden all about passion

After setting up business in the grounds of Castle Zelem in 1972 Jochen Arden, a young auto engineer, found an outlet for his passion for elegant design and cutting edge technology in motor vehicles. The company Arden Automotive GmbH was founded in 1976 and the operation moved to Kalkarer Street in Kleve, followed two years later by a second office in Emmericher Street. In 1982 a dealership contract was agreed with Jaguar which lead to the development of a modified XJ V12 limousine, the Arden AJ1. The company is distinguished by the fact that they deliver technical modifications in addition to the visual enhancement of the cars.

Arden gains recognition

It was in 1985 that Arden Automotive GmbH came into being and it was at the IAA exhibition in Frankfurt that year that the modified XJS Roadster, the AJ2, was unveiled. This lead to Arden being recognised as a car manufacturer in its own right and being allocated KBA number 770 by the Federal Motor Vehicle department. It was at the IAA in 1987 that the AJ3 was launched, a station wagon version of the XJS. A year later the AJ5 Biturbo followed and shortly afterwards the headquarters moved to Krefeld.

Arden ends dealership

Arden developed a series of ever more powerful engine enhancements and also a new ABS braking system and eventually the company ceased trading as a Jaguar dealership in order to focus solely on vehicle modification. With bases in 22 countries around the world Arden also offers a classic car service, maintaining and upgrading vintage vehicles.

Arden Racing

Founded in 1992, Arden Racing competed in its first race that same year at the GT Championship in the Arden Jaguar. The team managed first place in races at Hockenheim, Zandvoort and Mugello in the following year. The founder, Jochen, has made guest appearances as the driver at different events, including the Mini Challenge series.

Arden classic models

The Arden AJ1 V12 Double Six was the first completely converted vehicle and was launched in 1982. It was the Arden AJ2 V12 Cabriolet that lead to recognition of the company as a legitimate motor manufacturer in 1985. The Arden AJ 6 Biturbo made a big impact in 1988 when twin turbochargers increased the performance of the regular engine by 100bhp to a very impressive 330bhp.

Arden Logo

The Arden logo features a jaguar prowling in front of Castle Zelem, where the 21 year old Jochen Arden first began his career in an old out house.

Arden models

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