Agria Classic Cars for Sale

From 1937 to 1992, the southern German company Agria produced small agricultural machines and tractors with a high technical standard.

Agria - History of the company

1937 Agria-Werke GmbH was founded in Möckmühl/Württemberg. Shortly after the war, company owner Erwin Mächtel began building small agricultural machines. Through conversations and contacts with the population, he quickly realized that the demand for hand-held chippers was very large. In 1948, he began series production of a 3 HP single-axle tractor and equipped it with a self-developed transmission. The business of the company went well and the demand was high. In order to further expand the company, Agria-Werke took over Schilling KG in Karlsruhe-Durlach. With this takeover, patents and technical knowledge of the Schilling company were acquired at the same time. This resulted in the stronger motorisation of the Agria vehicles. For example, the single-axle tractor model 1800 was versatile, had a high technical standard and helped the company to its excellent reputation.

Agria - Highlights in production

In the mid-1950s, the construction of single-axle tractors reached its peak. In 1964, Agria presented the 4800 Universal four-wheel tractor at the DLG trade fair. This four-wheel tractor was equipped with diesel and carburetor engines of various makes. In 1970, Agria-Werke was ranked 19th in the German manufacturer statistics, ahead of Bungartz. In the 1970s the more powerful models 5700, 6700 and 6900 appeared, some with up to 34 hp.

From 1992 onwards, Agria-Werke concentrated exclusively on the construction of power tools and single-axle tractors. Shortly thereafter, Agria-Werke completely discontinued the production of four-wheel tractors.

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