**1931 Riley Nine Monaco Rally Special (Ex. Levrett & Ex. Gerry Dick) **

In January 1931, Mr. Levrett competed on the Rally Monte Carlo in a Riley Nine Monaco saloon, Winning a Gold medal. He had prepared his car specially for the Monte Carlo Rally and also prepared a small series of 14 special Riley “9” Monte Carlo Monacos for his dealership to sell. 

In May 1931, Mr. Levrett sold this Riley Nine Monaco, which had the identical configuration as the car he used to win the 1931 Monte Carlo Rally. It is thought that this car could have been prepared as a reserve car but we can not prove this as “fact”  

Since the very beginning, the car's history has been well-documented, and each owner kept almost all the invoices.  There is a large book filled with records and invoices, including the original purchase receipt. 

Throughout its lifetime, the car has only had six owners. From 1975 to 2023, one of the owners being Gerry Dick, the former president of the Riley Register.  

During this period, Gerry won several trophies with the car and took memorable trips across Europe with family and friends. 


Registered: France 
Chassis Number: 6013505 
Original UK license plate : GO8531 

**1087 cc, 4 cylinder engine, 4-speed manual **


The Riley Nine Monaco, with its Weymann body, exudes timeless elegance with its classic Maroon colour. The graceful combination of the Maroon body and black fenders enhances the car's overall sophistication. Constructed with ash wood and reinforced with metal panelling, the body not only ensures durability but also eliminates any potential squeaks 

The well fitted and well maintained fabric covers the body of the Riley Nine Monaco and remain in superb condition, displaying excellent preservation since restored in the early 80’s. The paint possesses just the right amount of patina, sought after by enthusiasts for its unique charm and character. 


Convertible-like experience
One of the most delightful features of this car is the refreshing sensation of air while driving the saloon. With a sliding roof, an open front window, and the option to open the door windows, it creates a convertible-like experience and actually feels like air conditioning. 


**Interior **
The interior of the car is truly exquisite, starting with the comfortable and smooth brown leather seats that set the tone. The doors are upholstered with leather and wood accents. This in combination with the grey lining adds to the exceptional ambiance of the interior. 

A wooden dash holding original Smith instruments is elegant in its simplicity.  

The spacious luggage area is a great feature which makes it easy to bring everything you need on your journey without sacrificing comfort. 


The current owner of the Riley Nine Monaco took the initiative to have the engine and gearbox fully rebuilt by a specialist. During this process, several upgrades were made, including the installation of high compression pistons and stiffer valve springs. To enhance the engine's performance and reliability, double SU carburetors are standard fitment with the Monte Carlo specification, ensuring optimal intake for the engine. 

Furthermore, the dynamo has undergone a complete rebuild, ensuring that the lights receive sufficient power even during night-time driving. A special system has been incorporated into the car to enable the use of blinkers, warning lights, and stop lights. This integrated system, cleverly integrated into the sidelights, ensures compliance with both UK and European road regulations, including TUV standards. 


Anty Mon
The nickname "Aunty Mon" was affectionately bestowed upon the Riley Nine Monaco due to two sentimental reasons. Firstly, "Mon" is a contraction for Monaco, reflecting the car's model name. Secondly, the car holds a cherished place within the Gerry Dick family, having been passed down through several decades. It was regarded as a beloved member of the family, earning the endearing title of "Aunty" to emphasize its close family connection. 


**Documentation **
As mentioned previously, the car is accompanied by all the necessary documents, including the UK V5 registration, original buff book, and also a French registration, making it convenient to bring the car back to the UK if desired (with the original license plate GO8531). Alternatively, it can be kept on the mainland. The original handbook, wiring and lubrication diagram are also included with the car, ensuring that the owner has all the necessary information for maintenance and operation. In addition, the car's extensive documentation includes original owner purchase document, invoices, owner history, and a wealth of other valuable records. 


If you're in the market for a reliable and enjoyable pre-war car, look no further. Aunty Mon is ready to GO8531 


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Nine Monaco
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0 km
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Not provided
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Saloon (4-doors)
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Maroon, black
Sun roof
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