Bild 1/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 2/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 3/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 4/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 5/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 6/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 7/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 8/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 9/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 10/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 11/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 12/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 13/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 14/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 15/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 16/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 17/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 18/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 19/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 20/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 21/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 22/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 23/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 24/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 25/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 26/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 27/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 28/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 29/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 30/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 31/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 32/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 33/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 34/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 35/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 36/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 37/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 38/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 39/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 40/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 41/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 42/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 43/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 44/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
Bild 45/45 von BMW 2002 ti (1970)
1970 | BMW 2002 ti

Moorkens "Maxi" restored

Price on request


General information about BMW Moorkens and its Maxi models

The Moorkens BMW cars carry a 'Made in Belgium' badge under the bonnet combined with the reference to the company "Alcopa", the abbreviation for Albert & Constance. Alcopa was founded in 1937 by Albert Moorkens and his wife Constance. In 1938, Alcopa began importing BMW motorbikes. In 1960, the import of BMW cars completed the programme. Their assembly plant in Kontich, south of Antwerp, produced six different BMW models, including the very popular 300 (Isetta), the 1602 and the 2002. In the end, more than 55,000 cars were produced at this plant. The VIN numbers of the cars assembled by Moorkens were as follows: 174XXXX were 2002s, and 175XXXX & 176XXXX VINs were 1600-2/1602s. The political & economic background to the construction of this factory: Belgium was imposing high import taxes on cars at the time to provide a tailwind for domestic industry in the post-war years. As a result, Belgium was full of car factories of all makes. ****

Moorkens introduced a special BMW 2002 on its own initiative for the Belgian market in 1968. Only a small handful of 2002 Maxis were produced. The idea was to build a model that was intended for sporty use but did not lose the everyday characteristics. Moorken's idea was to make a car that was built for two purposes: for nice family trips and with the potential to win races.

To this end, the cars received a few modifications:
The Maxis were more powerful than the average 2002. The engine produced 145 hp and had a top speed of over 200 km/h = 125 mph. It was equipped with twin Weber 45 DCOE carburettors, a 5-speed gearbox, a 3.64 differential, stiffer lowered suspension, bigger brakes and a free-flowing central sports exhaust system. Other optional extras included partial leather sports seats and auxiliary headlights. The total production numbers of the 2002 Maxi are not known, but it is obvious that none of the Maxis survived.
The result was: a real wolf in sheep's clothing. The selling price was set at 174,000 Belgian francs in 1968.

**History of the BMW 2002 ti "Maxi" offered here


The already deceased first owner Jacques Verbrugge signed the sales contract for his BMW 2002 Moorkens at the BMW dealer Monserez S.A. (still exists!) in Aalbeke on 6 May 1970.
A copy of the purchase invoice is available. At the time Mr. Verbrugghe bought his car, he knew of a crashed BMW 2002 MAXI which was located near Kortrijk (Belgium). This crashed MAXI was completely original. Mr Verbrugghe bought the crashed car and used the entire drivetrain of the car for his new BMW 2002 as well as most of the engine parts/transmission/suspension incl. reinforced suspension/brakes from this car. An extra set of Borrani steel rims, which were also fitted to Mr Verbrugghe's car, were also included. The rest of the MAXI wreck was taken to the local scrap yard along with the other parts and unfortunately the papers of the crashed car were also lost. Conclusion: It is not a genuine original BMW 2002 Moorkens MAXI, but a 2000 ti with original Maxi Technik parts. So it is close to the original! This BMW was first put into circulation on 14/05/1970. Mr Verbrugghe put his BMW 2002 aside and into storage after 20 years of use. The last technical inspection of its time was dated 07/05/1990 and the car has been gathering dust in a warehouse ever since. It was tracked down by a Belgian BMW 02 specialist after more than 20 years of disuse and lovingly restored from the ground up with meticulous attention to detail.


During the restoration, most of the original parts were reused or replaced with OEM parts.
When these were no longer available, the original parts were reproduced as best as possible.
Technical features:

  • Borrani steel rims, size 5.5 x 13
  • Brake booster: original 02
  • 2002ti-type brakes front
  • rear brakes original BMW 2002
  • rear there are also the reinforced rear trailing arms of type ti
  • limited slip differential with a 50% lock (3.64:1)
  • 5-sport gearbox (dogleg)
  • lowered/boosted springs with Bilstein shock absorbers
  • extra large radiator
  • Rear fog lights and a pair of additional front driving lights
  • rear view mirrors left and right
  • horizontal Weber 45 DCOE twin carburettors (TISA type)
  • revised exhaust system (Sebring) with exhaust tailpipe in the middle
  • redesigned camshaft (300° Motorsport) and cylinder head
  • compression ratio 10:1
  • front and rear stabilisers (ti-type)

All original documents and service book + owner's manual, as well as restoration photos are available. On 10/04/2019 the restoration work was completed and this particular BMW was re-registered. Painted in Rivera blue, this BMW 2002 ti "Maxi" remains in fantastic condition.

It has been driven approx. 4000 km since its restoration. We are selling this exceptional and unique model on behalf of a customer.

The mileage is read and we cannot guarantee the actual total mileage for such an old vehicle. This offer is subject to change and subject to prior sale. Additional services such as large 154 pt. comprehensive inspection, new MOT, H-registration, transport, registration in Germany, valuation etc. are possible for a separate expense allowance.
This vehicle offered here is located in our new Classic Centre in Jungenthaler Str. 1A, DE-57548 Kirchen/Sieg . In the former Jung locomotive shed you will find a large selection of exciting, sporty classics. Please inform yourself about our service offer and selection of vehicles at
If you like everything you have read and seen so far, and you are planning a visit, PLEASE AGREE ON AN APPOINTMENT! Our office is not permanently staffed !

Vehicle details

Vehicle data

Model series
02 Series
Model name
2002 ti
Manufacturer code
First registration date
Year of manufacture
Mileage (read)
31,260 km
Chassis number
Engine number
Not provided
Gearbox number
Not provided
Matching numbers
Previous owners

Technical details

Body style
Saloon (2-doors)
Power (kW/hp)
107/145 (Factory: 88/120)
Cubic capacity (ccm)
Left (LHD)
Front brakes
Rear brakes
Fuel type

Individual configuration

Exterior color
Manufacturer color name
Interior color
Interior material
Part leather

Condition, registration & documentation

Has Report
Ready to drive
Accident free

Self assessments

Engine (Seller assessment)
Paintwork (Seller assessment)
Interior (Seller assessment)
Technique (Seller assessment)


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