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1963 | AC Aceca

AC Aceca PRICE REDUCTION! Trade in car Barnfind, Well-documented history file, “The Missing USA Aceca” with a two-owner history, Came into the possession of the last owner in 1967, Manual transmission with overdrive, Interesting AC with a lot of potential

EUR 109,500


Transmission: 4 gears, Manual gearbox
Model year: 2024
Registration number: ACX796

Price reduction € 114.500,- now €109.500,-


The past few years have been incredibly successful, with hundreds of classic and sports cars finding new homes around the world.

As a result of our success, we’ve received a large number of trade-in vehicles. Now, we’re thrilled to offer these cars at special sale prices!

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Trade-in car. This is a 1963 AC Aceca. It has chassis number: AEX796. Decrypting the chassis number shows us that AE stands for the AC engine used (Bristol and even a few Ford engines were also used). X stands for export followed by the numbers denoting the production sequence. Only 151 AC Aceca’s were ever built. We acquired this car form the second owner who had kept the car for over 50 years. AC enthusiasts and journalists have often referred to this car as the “missing” USA AC Aceca. You might ask how the car came by this title. The truth is actually quite simple: The previous owner has had the car since 1967 and since the mid 80’s was mainly garaged. In 1976 the previous owner has the car fully restored by a friendly mechanic. In 1963 the car came in a white finish, which was changed to “Light Sky Blue” during the restoration. Because the car had been garaged for a considerable period, many fans thought that the car had simply been lost. Nothing could be further from the truth. Despite being in storage for a long time, the previous owner took many preventative measure to ensure the car would endure. He removed certain fluids and up till 2007 regularly started the engine or turned the engine over so that the block would not seize up. That probably has helped us being able to get the engine running again without too much trouble. The engine runs but still will need a major service. To describe this car as a barnfind would be wrong. It certainly need some care and attention, but it has not been left to its own devices for decennia. Thanks to the dry storage the chassis is virtually rust-free. The bodywork only has minor signs of use. The panelwork is nice and thin with correct shut lines. The Light Sky Blue paintwork has suffered the most form its long storage. Polishing by itself probably will not suffice if you want a better than “Barnfind” finish. The interior trim has black leather with matching carpets which are still in good condition and have developed a lovely patina.

The Aceca has a 1991 cc straight-six, triple carburettor engine delivering 90 Hp which is coupled to a manual 4-speed, overdrive transmission. We believe that in all likelihood the engine is still one and the same as the one fitted when it left the factory in 1963. This car is furthermore in very authentic condition with the original 56 spoke wire wheels, seats, sun-visors, wooden dashboard and wheel nuts. Finally the extensive file, old number plates and a considerable description of this special AC is certainly worth mentioning. THIS VEHICLE IS IN OUR STORAGE, VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Vehicle details

Vehicle data

Model name
First registration date
Not provided
Year of manufacture
Mileage (read)
53,938 mls
Chassis number
Not provided
Engine number
Not provided
Gearbox number
Not provided
Matching numbers
Not provided
Number of owners
> 6

Technical details

Body style
Power (kW/hp)
Cubic capacity (ccm)
Left (LHD)
Front brakes
Not provided
Rear brakes
Not provided
Fuel type

Individual configuration

Exterior color
Manufacturer color name
Interior color
Interior material

Optional equipment


Condition, registration & documentation

Has Report
Historical license plate
Ready to drive


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