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1963 | Ferrari 250 GT

GT Berlinetta 'SWB' | This GT racer is presented in outstanding condition and freshly restored!

CHF 886’941


This example

The car shown here has left the factory as a Ferrari 250 GTE in 1962 and was sold to Toppan USA. After a few American owners the car was offered for sale in 1997 as a matching number project.

In 2000 the car arrived in The Netherlands to be used for a 250 GT Berlinetta SWB ’61 Competizione project. Initially it was planned to be ready in about 2 years, but the decision was made to carry out all work in the Netherlands and therefore took longer than expected. The ‘SWB’ was built by Dutch Ferrari specialists Roelofs Engineering & Hietbrink Coachbuilding. The engine was competition prepared and gave 272 bhp on the dyno. The interior was done by Ferrari expertized upholstery specialist Henk van Lith. The restoration / rebuilt is very well documented with conversations between the owner and workshops, more than 200 pictures and all invoices are kept with the car. It is clear that no expenses were spared..

In 2009, a Historical Technical Passport (FIA Class GT 7) was associated by the KNAF and in April 2010 the car was finally ready. The owner couldn’t wait to go out and race his ‘new’ car! Almost immediately he took part with his ‘SWB’ in the 50th Anniversary edition of the Tour Auto rally and just a month later he participated in the 57th edition of the Dutch Tulpenrally. After the owner attended in a few more rally’s, he sold the car in 2021 to its current Dutch owner who kept the car in his collection.

In 2024 the car has been repainted to concours condition by the well respected restoration shop of Mr. Tito Rubbio with a lot of attention to detail. The result is simply impressive and will not disappoint upon viewing. The ‘SWB’ is both cosmetically and mechanically in ‘Concours’ condition. This Ferrari is an interesting opportunity to experience the same unparalleled sensations as the original 250 GT SWB offers, for a significantly lower price.

The car comes with an interesting history file including Automobile Club d’Italia (ACI) homologation papers. New FIA papers can be obtained for a new owner. Racing this car is just a dream..

Price 930.000,- Euro and comes with Dutch registration (EEC).

For inquiries please call us at +31 252 218980. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Model history

Ferrari had been doing well through the 1950s with the 250 series of road and racing cars. The company’s most successful early line, the 250 series included many variants and are characterized by their use of the Lampredi or Colombo designed 3 liter V12 engine.

The Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta ‘SWB’ is a car that needs no introduction. The short-wheelbase 250 GT Berlinetta could take to any circuit and battle it out for a class win. This car is worldwide regarded as the finest Pininfarina design and the ‘Competition’ version was queen of the racing circuit.

The actual term ‘short-wheelbase’ was applied because of the revision from the Tour de France and its predecessors, a 200mm cut taking it down to 2400mm. Strictly a race car, the first versions of the SWB featured an all-aluminum body. The competition version’s hard suspension gave the 250 SWB terrific cornering power. However, most short wheelbase bodies were steel with aluminum doors, bonnet and bootlid. This was the so-called ‘Lusso’ version which is heavier, more refined and is easily recognized by the existence of bumpers. With the wonderful V12’s flexibility and the excellence of the chassis, these cars redefined the road/race concept.

Only 166 examples of the 250 GT Berlinetta SWB have left the Ferrari factory, making these cars extremely sought after and valuable. For this reason, several 250 GT’s have been converted into a 250 GT Berlinetta SWB. This was not uncommon in period too and that’s not by accident: no modern car, be it Ferrari or anything else, offers the same sensations as the 250 GT SWB.

Much work was done on the engine which was upgraded with used ‘outside plug’ cylinder head with 12 intake ports. Known as Tipo 168B, these also had regular coil-springs on the valves which made room for more cylinder-head studs that could effective seal the copper gasket. Generally the SWB V12 produced 250 to 280 bhp depending on state of tune.

The Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB is one of the most important GT racers of its time. It has always been in a class of its own and always will be; a conventional design into which engineers Bizzarini and Chiti breathed a soul..

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250 GT
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81’904 km
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200/272 (ab Werk: 173/235)
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