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1986 | Porsche 944

Porsche 944 "Rothmans-Dakar" A comprehensively modified example, Built for on- and off-road use, A Paris-Dakar winning Rothmans 959 tribute, Originally delivered in Alpine White (L90E), Undergone a meticulous programme of modifications, Built with impressive attention to detail, Excellently documented

54.950 €


Interior colour: red
Registration number: PO-66-01

The Porsche 944 has rightfully earned its place in the Porsche segment. According to many, the 944 has a significantly better handling compared to the 911 of that time, partly due to the perfect weight distribution of 50% front and 50% rear. Porsche achieved this in part by placing the gearbox at the rear. Porsche produced the 944 between 1982 and 1991, and the model is seen as an era of innovation and sporting performance for the German car brand. As the successor to the iconic 924, the 944 brought a series of improvements, including a more powerful engine, enhanced driving characteristics, and a redesigned exterior, exuding modernity and sportiness.

This unique Porsche 944 Safari has a rich history and distinctive features that make it stand out. Originally delivered in Alpine White, it is now finished in the iconic Rothmans colour scheme of the winning Porsche 959 from the 1986 Paris-Dakar rally, complete with faithful reproductions of the race stickers. The exterior is enhanced with a custom-made light bar featuring four 9-inch Hella 4000 rally lights and a functional 2,500lb winch discreetly wired through the centre console. No expense has been spared with the upgrades.

Inside, the interior is appointed in Burgundy, featuring two Braum Racing Elite X seats, red Sabelt harnesses, and a dashboard entirely clad in burgundy Italian Alcántara with French stitching. The interior also boasts a range of functional switches, a Momo Prototipo steering wheel, and a modern Bluetooth-compatible Blaupunkt Doha 112BT stereo.

Mechanically, this Porsche is equipped with custom modifications such as BF Goodrich K02 Baja Champion tyres, a basket roof rack, adjustable rally suspension, and a custom exhaust system.

Below is an overview of the modifications:

Custom rally-spec adjustable suspension with 11-inch ground clearance
1986 Paris Dakar Rothmans livery bodywork
Handmade light bar with four 9-inch Hella 4000 rally lights
Functional 2,500lb winch in the front bumper
BF Goodrich K02 Baja Champion tyres (five pieces, including spare)
Custom roof rack
Dashboard finished in burgundy Italian Alcántara
Momo Prototipo steering wheel in black leather
Braum Racing Elite X seats with slide and tilt function and red Sabelt harnesses
Blaupunkt CD player with Bluetooth and high-quality speakers
Custom MSDS headers with chrome side exhaust
Yellow zinc-plated hardware
Porsche 924GTR-style rear hatch fasteners

Additionally, this Porsche is in good condition. The paintwork is still in a beautiful and well-maintained state, as are the windows and bumpers. The underside of the car is solid. Inside, everything is also in good condition, including the dashboard, instrumentation, and controls. The engine runs well, and the handling, thanks to the modifications and the correct maintenance that was performed, is fantastic. Driving this 944 is a very enjoyable experience. Shifting is precise, and the clutch pedal and brake pedal are easy to operate.

With extensive documentation available, this example is demonstrably well-maintained. The documentation indicates that the car had thorough maintenance, including recent maintenance with new gaskets, seals, fluids, and a major service at 157,820 miles. Radiator hoses, fuel lines under the hood, renewal/revision of various suspension parts and the exhaust system were renewed. This Porsche also comes with a folder containing service history, original Porsche tools, and an 'SFARI 1' keychain.

This is indeed a special 944 that combines classic Porsche styling with off-road capabilities, making it an attractive choice for collectors or enthusiasts seeking a versatile driving experience.

If you are interested in this special Porsche 944, please feel free to contact us today, and we will be more than happy to assist you. Alternatively, you are of course welcome to visit Gallery Aaldering in Brummen. Worldwide export of our vehicles is possible. Please enquire about the options.

Detalles del vehículo

Datos del vehículo

Código fabricante
944 II
Primera fecha de registro
No provisto
Año de construcción
Kilometraje (leer)
162.144 mls
Número de chasis
No provisto
Número de motor
No provisto
Número de la caja de cambios
No provisto
Coincidencia de números
No provisto
Número de propietarios
No provisto

Detalles técnicos

Potencia (kW/CV)
1/1 (Fábrica: 120/163)
Capacidad cúbica (cm³) - acerca de
1 (Fábrica: 2449)
No provisto
Caja de cambios
No provisto
Freno delantero
Freno trasero

Configuración individual

Color exterior
Color según fabricante
Color interior
Material interior

Equipamiento opcional


Condición, registro y documentación.

Tiene peritaje
Matrícula histórica
Listo para conducir


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