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Classic cars, with a selection of automobilia
Friday 10 June 2022 - 3 pm

From Monday 6 to Friday 10 June from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Our experts are available to provide photos, condition report and any other information on the lots on sale.



Our expertise here at Aste Bolaffi allows us to offer a variety of different services to meet the different needs of our clients.


The evaluation and appraisal is the first and most important step to discovering the value of an object or a collection

  • Our experts will perform appraisals at no cost for items aimed for sale at auction. Simply make an appointment at our headquarters, at private residences across Italy or at one of our appraisal days organised in different areas throughout the year.  Click here to find out more.
  • Aste Bolaffi also performs estimations and appraisals of collector's items, estates and bankruptcy proceedings – which may not be immediately intended for sale at auction – to assist notaries, official receivers and insurers

Lot display and promotion

Once you have decided to sell an object or collection at auction, Aste Bolaffi will take care of all the rest:

  • The study and technical description of the object, including provenance and record of owners
  • Any necessary communication with relevant foundations or archives to obtain authentications and certifications
  • Professional photographs of the lot
  • Layout, printing and distribution of the auction catalogue to a database of thousands of potential clients
  • Publication of the catalogue online on the Aste Bolaffi website and at least two other platforms to reach potential clients all over the world
  • Promotion in national and international media with targeted campaigns in newspapers, on the radio, online and on social networks
  • PR and press office activities

Transport and storage

Aste Bolaffi is careful to ensure the best conditions for the transport and storage of collector's items before and after the auction

  • Aste Bolaffi offers climate-controlled storage in protected environments suitable for all categories of goods from the moment we accept the item until the sale is completed
  • Our transport service from the point of collection to our storage depots offers maximum security and privacy for the seller. Aste Bolaffi organises the transport of precious items using its own trusted courier or, alternatively, a courier selected by the final client. On the basis of the value and size of the lots, delivery of purchased goods is via armoured and/or insured courier. All objects, especially fragile items, are packed safely and handled extremely carefully to secure the state of preservation.

Pratiche amministrative

Aste Bolaffi si fa carico della gestione di alcune pratiche amministrative eventualmente necessarie, prima o dopo la vendita

  • Pratiche di temporanea importazione

  • Licenze di export

  • Gestione dei diritti di seguito

Administrative paperwork

Aste Bolaffi will manage any potentially necessary paperwork before and after the sale

  • Temporary importation documents
  • Export licenses
  • Resale right

Other services

  • Where clients are selling homes and entire properties, Aste Bolaffi can organise house sales, where lots are displayed and sold directly in the place of origin
  • Aste Bolaffi can organise exclusive events in conjunction with special sales, such as wine-tastings and photography and art exhibitions
  • The auction house organises charity auctions during fundraising gala events, in partnership with NPOs or charitable organisations
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