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Wanderer W 23 (1938)

Wanderer W23 Gläser Cabriolet

119.000 EUR15.752.030 JPY232.740 BGN3.043.425 CZK884.944 DKK102.415 GBP42.498.470 HUF541.057 PLN586.349 RON1.210.468 SEK130.424 CHF17.909.500 ISK1.205.113 NOK895.772 HRK10.677.204 RUB1.221.571 TRY186.509 AUD761.921 BRL174.514 CAD927.831 CNY1.116.708 HKD2.060.819.390 IDR473.311 ILS10.574.280 INR162.795.570 KRW2.895.901 MXN593.036 MYR200.932 NZD6.890.457 PHP191.828 SGD4.507.006 THB2.035.554 ZAR

Ofrecido por: 119.000 EUR

  • Wanderer W 23
  • Wanderer W 23
  • Wanderer W 23
  • Wanderer W 23
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  • Söderström Classic Sportscar
  • Suecia Suecia
  • Contacto:
    Frederick Söderström


Solicitud de información Wanderer W 23 (1938) | Identificación del vehículo: 148013

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  • Datos del vehículo
  • Descripción
  • Condición
  • Marca Wanderer
  • Modelo W 23
  • Nombre del modelo W 23
  • Serie n.a.
  • Año de construcción 1938
  • Número de chasis n.a.
  • Número de transmisión n.a.
  • Peritaje n.a.
  • Condición Restaurado
  • Kilometraje n.a.
  • No. de propietarios anteriores 3
  • Primera matriculación n.a.
  • Número del motor n.a.
  • Coincidencia de números n.a.

Detalles técnicos

  • Carrocería Convertible
  • Potencia (kW/CV) 46/62
  • Cubic capacity (ccm) 2.651
  • Cilindro 6
  • Puertas n.a.
  • Manejo Izquierda
  • Engranaje Manual
  • Marchas n.a.
  • Propulsión Trasero
  • Freno delantero n.a.
  • Freno trasero n.a.
  • Combustible Gasolina

Configuración individual

  • Color exterior Gris
  • Color según fabricante n.a.
  • Techo corredizo No
  • Techo plegable No
  • Dirección asistida No
  • Cierre centralizado No
  • Ventanas eléctricas No
  • Color interior Gris
  • Material interior Cuero
  • Asientos calefactables No
  • Aire acondicionado No
  • ABS No
  • Airbag No
  • Control de crucero No

Winklhofer & Jaenicke was established in 1896 in Chemnitz. It built motorcycles from 1902 and automobiles from 1903. The Wanderer brand was chosen in 1911 for overseas exports and was soon adopted for domestic sales.
By 1926 when Wanderer introduced a successful Typ 10, the company was making 25 vehicles a day; parts were made at the old plant in Chemnitz and assembled at the 1927 built new site in Siegmar, delivered by rail right to the assembly line. Motorcycle production continued in Chemnitz alone.

During the Great Depression, in 1929, the company owner, Dresdner Bank, sold the motorcycle business to František Janeček, and in 1932 divested the rest of Wanderer. The car division with its Siegmar factory became part of Auto Union together with Horch, Audiand DKW. In this quartet, Horch was positioned as the luxury brand, DKW built cheap two-stroke cars, Audi and Wanderer competed in different segments of mid-priced, technologically advanced cars.
Wanderers of the Nazi period acquired a trademark radiator design, shaped as a heraldic shield.

The top model from 1936 to 1939 was W50, propelled by a 2257 cc six-cylinder engine. From 1937 on there were also sporting fours (W24 and W25) and another six-cylinder model of 2632 cc (W23), propelled by new Flathead engines constructed by Auto Union itself. Wanderer cars were always admired for their high quality and sporting character.

From 1943 on the Auto Union Siegmar plant produced Maybach HL230 V12 engines, used in many heavy tanks of the German Wehrmacht.

The Wanderer Siegmar plant (now Chemnitz) of Auto Union were destroyed in early 1945, closing this chapter in the history of automobiles. Post-war efforts to restore East German auto industry concentrated on Auto Union facilities in Zwickau and Zschopau: Wanderer car production never recovered, with Auto Union relocating to Ingolstadt, West Germany, where the company was rebuilt based using the DKW and ultimately, the Audibrand.

This car:
As many of the Wanderers were destroyed during the WW2 this is a unique car since it was bought new in Sweden, but also because of its history:
First owner was Colonel Lars Gösta Hägglöf who from 1941-1952 was head of the Swedish Airforce , Svea Flygflottilj F8. Lars Gösta Hägglöf was before that Air attach’e in London between 1937 and 1940. During a period he was adjutant for King Gustav VI Adolf.
His brother Gunnar Hägglöf was Sweden’s first UN ambassador,  Swedish ambassador in London , then Paris and during that period he also participated when the European Counsil was initiated. He was also delegate in the UN effort at the Suez Crisis 1956. But before these periods , during the Second World War Gunnar Hägglöf was head of the trade and commerce department of the foreign affairs and was negotiator with Germany and USA.

The previous owner, a retired SAS pilot,  had all the parts but decided it was a to big of a project to complete and it was then sold to the current owner who restored the car and had it painted in Auto Union Grey. The engine is 6 cylinders, 62 hp and 2632 cc, transmission 4 speed
 Please contact us for more documentation. 
Sincerely Frederick Soderstrom

The source of the text about the history of the brand Wanderer is wikipedia. The information about the object for sale is collected by Frederick Soderstrom from sources as the current owner and other gathered documents.  Soderstrom Classic Sportcar is not responsible for any errors in the text and the car is sold as is.

Condición, matriculación y documentos

  • Matriculado
  • Listo para conducir
  • Sin accidentes

Identificación del vehículo: 148013

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