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Jaguar XJ 6

The Jaguar XJ 6 was launched in 1968, and production of this splendid vehicle continued until 1992, undergoing numerous versions, series, variations and adjustments throughout its production years. In the 1960s, the Jaguar motto was 'Grace, Space, Pace', which aptly describes the Jaguar XJ 6.

Jaguar history

William Lyons and William Walmsly, Jaguar's founders, were originally motorcycle enthusiasts who built side-cars; they started Swallow Side-cars in 1922. Walmsly left the business in 1934; Lyons then diversified production, specialising in the construction of motor-cars. The first car, introduced in 1935, was the “SS Jaguar”, the saloon car that started the Jaguar story. The “SS” name was dropped during WWII because of similarities with “foreign names or symbols” and the company became Jaguar Cars Limited.

XJ 6 history

In the 1960s, the Jaguar line of saloon cars had grown to four distinct ranges which were the forerunners of the Jaguar XJ 6. In 1968, the innovative Jaguar XJ 6 model was built around two straight-six cylinder versions (2700cc and 4235cc) of the powerful Jaguar XK engine. Apart from the well-known engine, the XJ 6 had many up-to-the-minute features to excite motoring enthusiasts; top-of-the-range Jaguar XJ 6 models (the 4.8L De Luxe and the 4-2L) boasted leather upholstery, automatic transmission and power steering, with optional air-conditioning.

Jaguar XJ 6 Daimler versions

In 1969, the Jaguar XJ 6 Daimler models were introduced, with updated transmission (three forward positions with selector lever control and improved shift quality) and a unique feature: twin fuel tanks with individually locking fuel-tank access caps located on each side of the boot. This Jaguar XJ 6 Daimler got excellent reviews praising its refined lines, smooth ride and super-efficient braking system. Jaguar founder, Sir William Lyons (he received a knighthood during the 1950s), personally did the television advertising for this model, describing it as the "finest Jaguar ever".

Series II and III

1972 saw the introduction of the XJ 12 and the longer wheel-base version of the XJ 6. The Jaguar XJ 6, Series II, started in 1973, when many adjustments/innovations were made on the whole XJ range. The main variation on the Jaguar XJ 6 was the raised bumper (to meet US safety requirements). The two-door coupé arrived in 1975 and production continued for three years. Refined re-design by Pininfarina launched the Jaguar XJ 6, Series III, in 1979. From 1981 on, minor upgrades, particularly on interiors, were carried out almost yearly, making the Jaguar XJ 6 an increasingly efficient and comfortable motor-car. In 1983, trip-computers were fitted on top-of-the-range models as standard equipment. Production of the Jaguar XJ 6, Series III, continued until 1992.